• Yes, I feel there are some areas where men's health would benefit from minimal legislation.

    Yes, it is possible that men's health issues need to be addressed and supported through Congress. While I can't think of any off the top of my head, I feel that men's health is important, and I would like to see Congress advocate for health without interfering. Congress can use its power to help men in the health arena.

  • Yes, Congress should legislate men's health issues

    Yes, Congress should spend time legislating men's health issues. The health of the people in this country is one of the most important issues that Congress should tackle. If there are some problems that are occurring in the area of men's health that Congress can address, then they should address these issues.

  • Supporting A Healthy America

    As health services become more technologically advanced, procedures become more complicated and invasive. And as such, it is important to make sure those practices are be used safely and when absolutely needed. Not only for men, but women as well. The health issues of the entire country are the concern of every citizen.

  • I can select my own means of death

    The surest way to get absolutely nothing productive done about men's (or anybody elses') health issues is to put the matter before Congress. Let's set aside the reality that nothing gets done in Congress, and that any bill on medical matters would probably have to be announced as 'The Men's Health Bill, brought to you by Pfizer', and just consider what good it would do to have a handful of out of touch, elderly white guys decide anything to do with anything that actually impacts our lives.

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