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  • FoIA is useless without a backbone

    Congress should strengthen the Freedom of Information Act in order to force compliance, especially by government bodies. It seems like very often in the news there is a story about a huge breach of government duty, such as the NSA spying or the Bin Laden raid, which should absolutely be public information. When the public tries to gain information through FoIA requests, which is exactly what the Act was designed for, the powers that be simply say no and claim "national defense" needs to be maintained. Strengthen the FoIA should override the blanket national defense excuse the government uses to cover up their actions and avoid responsibility.

  • Yes. It is currently not effective

    Yes, congress needs to strengthen the FOIA. As it currently stands, it has no teeth to it. People disregard it when they choose, and when information is released later and found to have been wrongly withheld, there is no penalty. The whole point of the FOIA is freedom of information. If this freedom is blocked in any way, it is ineffective.

  • They hide too much.

    Yes, Congress should strengthen the Freedom of Information Act, because too often, the government agency still with holds the information. Once I went to make a FOIA request, and I was curtly told that the person was on vacation and they couldn't help me for two weeks. This needs to be punished.

  • They Should Honor It

    I do not believe Congress needs to touch the Freedom of Information Act, if they did, they would more than likely tighten it. I believe the government should honor the Freedom of Information Act and they should also stop blacking out the majority of documents when they do release them.

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