• Yes: Congress Should Incentivize and Subsidize Renewables

    Making the move toward renewables in the halls of congress would send increasing signals to the population that we are in a period of transition and need to get away from fossil fuels. Such subsidization, however, will not likely avert catastrophic climate change, as we are already crossing ecological tipping points. Indeed, the world is radically changing, and people will have to find ways to adapt, and such adaptation must be something that ordinary people undertake, rather than simply a contingent of well positioned elites.

  • Searching for renewable energy

    Well, of course, now a days we see that government looks for different ways to save energy and use it for different industrial and economical matters. For example, uranium is an important source of energy for a country. In addition to that gas energy, oil energy, and energy retrieving from water all of these are initial use and prioritize to move every industry. This is why, subsidizing a renewable energy is extremely important because that is the foundation of every industry.

  • Government Should Spur Innovation

    Sometimes it takes involvement by the federal government in order to effect positive change in society and the economy. Without special incentives, energy corporations will act in accordance with their bottom line, without taking environmental stewardship into account. By giving subsidies and benefits for positive environmental actions, Congress can help the environment.

  • Yes, Congress shoud look for ways to encourage renewable energy.

    I definitely think that Congress should subsidize and incentivize more renewable energy initiatives. I think it is important and beneficial for society if the government tries to figure out ways how to encourage companies and industries to support renewable energy. I think such initiatives can help such matters and processes.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe Congress should subsidize more renewable energy initiatives. I believe government subsidies simply cause problems further down the road. I think the government should become directly involved with utility services, especially electricity, so these services are actually owned by the people of the United States. I also think the government needs to stop supporting oil and other destructive natural resources, especially given their finite availability.

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