Should Congress support universal background checks on gun purchases?

  • Yes We Need Universal Background Checks Prior to Purchase of a Firearm

    As much as this pains me, we have reached a point in our society, for the general population to be safe from the eccentric potential behavior of an individual in whose hand a firearm wrongfully finds itself, that we must raise the level of our gun protection procedures. A background check in it’s own right, is nothing more than a check of what someone should have to truthfully account for in their life anyhow. I understand that there are those who would argue, and quite well I am sure, that background checks in and of themselves, will not be the perfect cure for criminal gun violence, but they will at least have the potential of keeping a firearm out of the hand of someone who might otherwise have a premeditated plan to use it to harm others. Background checks are essential for our protection, and should be mandatory.

  • Yes, this is good.

    Background checks are minor and right now, only FFL dealers have to perform them. By applying background checks to private party transactions, you lower the chances of a criminal getting a firearm. As a gun owner, I don't mind going through checks at all. This is one way to effectively keep firearms away from criminals.

  • Gun purchases should require background check.

    A background check is going to help both sides of the argument. People will still have their rights, and others will feel a bit more safe about knowing whose hands the weapon is in. There is no telling the crimes committed by looking at someone. If a check is done, their past will be known so there will be less worry.

  • A necessary evil.

    In order to protect everyone from potential dangers, it is only fair that everyone who wants to purchase a gun have a background check performed. Those who have a history of violent crimes can then be ruled out for gun purchase. I know that this will not stop them from obtaining a gun, but it does act as a deterrent.

  • No they shouldnt control us

    History always repeats itself. Eventually, be it tomorrow or ten years from now, our government will be tyrannical (steps have been taken to consider them so already). And once again, people will have to revolt and stand for their rights. Every time you get a background check it means you are now on the record for purchasing a firearm. This means it will be easier for them to take out the law-abiding citizens that only want these guns to defend themselves from tyranny.

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