• Congressional earmarks should be outlawed immediately!

    Congress should not be allowed to add earmarks to bills which have nothing to do with what the bill was written for. For example, a transportation bill should not include an earmark for abortion spending. These things don't go together, and should not be a part of the same bill. The biggest issue with earmarks is that they are normally added last minute in order to get support for the main bill. The problem with this is is that most constituents have no idea that these earmarks are added to the bill. Because of this, earmarks should be outlawed.

  • Yes they are wasteful

    Yes Congressional earmarks should be outlawed they are a waste of money. If they were outlawed the amount of deficit that we are carrying would go down deeply. I know that they love to spend money on why does a turtle move so slow research which really has no benefit on us at all in life.

  • Incompentent politicians should be outlawed

    The funny thing is the politicians who have the biggest problems with earmarks are the ones that use them the most. I guess that is the mentality today, blame something else before you get blamed. Earmarks are very good at stimulating the economy and improving infrastructure when done right. The problem is people abuse them for political purposes.

  • No, congressional earmarks should not be outlawed

    All congressional earmarks should not be outlawed, but there should be stricter regulations concerning them. Perhaps there could be a maximum number allowed or a maximum amount of money allowed to be earmarked per legislator. Earmarks are not always bad, but many are geared to take advantage of the fact that they are buried in legislation that is not always fully read. Earmarks should be obviously stated if they are to be taken seriously and not sneaked in through a back door, hoping no one notices.

  • No, earmarks should not be outlawed.

    They should not be outlawed but I think there should be some regulation. Such as, is the earmark benefiting the people in general. I also think that they should be put to a vote and the people should have more of a say in what is going on. The government needs to be transparent.

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