• Yes, it is their responsibility

    It is the responsibility of the Congress and the President of the United States to balance the budget and get our nation back on track economically towards a balanced budget. That is a long shot for sure, but with the persistence of the US Congress, it can absolutely happen someday.

  • Yes, Congressmen should focus on how to distribute spending without going further into debt

    It is crucial for congress to focus on balancing the federal budget. Problems arise for the nation from every direction and funding for these problems is limited. It is important that congressmen focus on a way to distribute spending funds, while at the same time, adressing the most important issues that present themselves.

  • Yes, Congress should focus on balancing the federal budget.

    Congress has a moral imperative to balance the federal budget now. We cannot continue to keep spending the way our country does and sustain our current system. The three major things that must be cut in our budget is the military, medical costs, and social security. Taxes may need to be raised as well.

  • The budget is priority.

    The freedom of a government to operate is based on its ability to pay those that operate it. All three branches of government would find it very difficult to maintain order in the country without paying for people and things. It is honorable to state that civil rights concerns should take precedence. However, that is hard to do with no lights, heat, or microphones.

  • Of course they should.

    Congressmen should definitely focus on balancing the federal budget each and every year. Why shouldn't they? Every governor and state legislature has to. It keeps everything in perspective and lets you know where finances and taxes went, what needs to be improved, and emphasizes the areas that need to be addressed.

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