• Siamese twins should definitely be separated as early as possible

    Siamese twins should definitely be separated as early
    as possible so they can have a normal life even if it means that one of them dies, or even both of them die. I just wish Mother Nature would make it so that the worst thing that happens is that one of the twins has to have an artificial arm or leg or will have to wear a wig in later life; that'd save a lot of umming and ahhing

  • Yes, in order to have a normal life, conjoined twins should be seperated.

    Yes, conjoined twins should be separated so that they can have a normal life. I believe conjoined twins, when conjoined, can not have a fully normal life. Being conjoined limits their ability to do normal activities like play sports, have intimate relationships, and develop as an independent human being. If they are not separated, they can become dependent in an unhealthy way.

  • Yes conjoined twins should be separated, if medically possible.

    Yes conjoined twins should be given the chance to have their own individual life experiences by being separated if it is medically possible to do so without harming either twin. Improvements in medical technology and surgical procedures have drastically improved the odds of successfully separating conjoined twins and allowing them a fruitful life experience.

  • If they're safe

    If the twins can be safely separated then they should be - everybody deserves an independent and happy life, and the quality of life of the twins if still conjoined is far too short and negative. Conjoined twin procedures have come far in the past few decades, its worth a shot.

  • If Parents & Doctors Agree

    I believe it is wise to attempt to separate conjoined twins if doctors and parents both agree that it is the best way to go. Being conjoined to someone for life ensures that two people will not have a normal life. If the parents agree that it would be better to separate and the doctors confirm it is doable and somewhat safe, then I feel it should be done.

  • Only if Medically Necessary

    Conjoined twins should only be separated if it is medically necessary to do so. Sometimes, the siblings lead perfectly normal lives. Even 50 years ago, surgery to separate conjoined twins would have been unthinkable. Now, those practices are commonplace miracles of modern medical science with reconstructive surgery and organ donation surgery.

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