• Conservatives should turn a new leaf

    Indeed many believe that the support of the welfare state goes against the so-called traditional conservative values but is it not time to change this? People are suffering because of Tory benefits cuts and are relying on foodbanks as a source of nutrition. Why don't the conservatives help the poor rather than provide for the rich?

  • SNAP Benefits Were Cut

    I do not believe it is good to encourage an excessive amount of welfare programs, however I believe conservatives could be a little more supportive of the programs that we do have. I feel as though the recent cut to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) was done at the worst time possible and the increased amounts should have been continued. However, the conservatives in Washington were more concerned about money, then the nutrition and eating habits of the people they serve, and many people are being hurt because of shrinking grocery budgets.

  • Yes, they should.

    It is a humane thing to do - to make sure that the people of your country have enough to eat. The richest country in the world should be embarrassed if they let their people go hungry. Also, a large portion of people on welfare are in red states. They are hurting many people who vote for their party when they vote against it.

  • Conservatives practice what they preach.

    Many Conservatives will tell you they believe in family values, Christian Ideals, and high social values. It is those christian values that dictate how the poor are supposed to be treated and how it is everyone's job to look out for the less fortunate. The welfare state is not made up of those that just want to take take take, it is made up of people who for one reason or another find themselves at a point in life where they can not achieve a level of living wealthier people enjoy. Conservatives that boast of their moral stance have a duty to practice it by supporting the welfare state.

  • It's the economy, stupid

    Yes, conservatives should support the welfare state. All but the most extreme libertarians must know that the government must intervene to correct market failures in a free-market state. The welfare state is a way that the government does that to either keep or help people become productive members of the economy.

  • No, never have and never will!

    Welfare is associated with a big and intrusive government that takes hard earned capital from one person and gives it to someone who did NOT work for it. It is not the government's job to redistribute wealth and the best welfare program has been proven time and time again to be successful...It's called a JOB. When someone gets something they didn't work for, someone worked for something that they didn't get.

  • Conservatives Shouldn't Support Welfare

    For starters, the idea of welfare goes directly in the face of conservative values. Conservatives shouldn't support a welfare state, and a welfare state is a terrible idea. Our country doesn't have the resources to support its people, and the U.S. shouldn't become a communist state by offering so much welfare.

  • Conservatives should not support the welfare state.

    Conservatives should not support the welfare state because it is against their core values. Conservatives support a small government, which is the opposite of the welfare state. In order to support a small government, conservatives should lower taxes so that companies can create jobs and people will not need to be on welfare in the first place.

  • No they should stand up for what they beleive

    Conservatives should not support the welfare state if they do not believe in it. Part of what makes this country so great is the freedom to fight for what you believe in. Conservatives should not give into a system they do not believe is the best system for the future of the US.

  • Teaching to Fish

    The welfare state creates dependencies by those that take from it. We conservative believe that personal responsibility for ones actions result in the best results for all. When people are rewarded for taking care of themselves and see no reward in not taking those measures, people lead more productive lives. When we give money to those people who are poorest, those people remain poor continuously and are stripped of incentives to improve their life and give it meaning.

    Helping people is about the output those people receive. Not the input, nor people's willingness to act in a way that appears generous to others. The welfare state is large because it is not effective.

  • Not as it currently exists

    Not as the welfare state currently exists.
    Social welfare and equivalent programs should be the job or problem of Churches or other social welfare organizations, not the State Governments and CERTAINLY not the federal government.

    I would have to disagree with the YES comment I see to my left which indicates "all but the most extreme libertarians must know that the government must intervene to correct market failures in a free-market state". That sounds like Keynesian economics to me, which are clearly in favor of government intervention and regulation as opposed to the largely more respected and free-market favorable Austrian or von Mises economics.

    America is adding trillions to it's national debt every year, the only acceptable answer to which is a drastic cut in spending and gratuitous programs, chief among which should be welfare programs.

  • No No No

    Conservatives should not support the welfare state and Democrats should not support the welfare state. Welfare and handouts to the poor are not a good idea because it encourages people to take advantage of the system and in the end the average citizen ends up paying for lazy and sneaky people to be able to drive around in Mercedes Benzes.

  • I don't care for welfare.

    I don't believe handouts are a positive thing. While I understand the need for aid in certain situations I believe it should be a lot harder for people to get. I also feel like volunteer work of some sort should be necessary. There should be a compromise between the two parties in order to actually get something done.

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