Should consoles be replaced by gaming PCs in the future?

  • Technical difficulties are worth the trouble

    As a gamer I used to play consoles since I was little, but recently i realized the power and beauty a pc can put into a game. Some games cant even come out on console due to the amazing graphics. Pc generally has more features as well, and mods like in GTA IV are funny and amazing you cant get that on o console or you will get banned for jail breaking it and you need a pc for that. So save yourself some time and join the master race.

  • Open Sourced is the Best Source

    As a gamer who converted himself into a PC gamer after years of consoles, I would say yes. My main purpose is because of how open sourced they are. Sure the companies behind consoles claim to doing better with indie games, but they still can't beat the PC in that area. Companies like Valve, the makers of Steam, are capable of bringing that nice living room gaming experience while also giving more tools and power to the players to make mods, servers, and even their own games.

  • Gaming PC exist now:

    The reason not everyone has a Gaming PC, is simple they cost too much for the average consumer, only truly dedicated games with a reasonable income can afford to buy them. Most other people don't have a few grand spare to buy a gaming PC so they choose the more moderately priced consoles for there gaming needs.

    And not everyone in the world has easy access to the internet, some can only do there gaming offline, that one of the main reasons the Sony's PlayStation is sold in so many different country's as opposed to Microsoft's XBOX.

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