• Fireworks should be allowed

    Fireworks should be allowed because they are a celebration of the nation. Also because you could have a lisence so then if you use the firework improperly you could get it tooken away then get it back after a while. Also because they are very fun to use and the are a tradition to the nation

  • Yes, of course they should be legal.

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  • They are fun

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  • Absolutely They Should!

    All consumer Fireworks should be legal because they are very entertaining, fun, exciting, beautiful and part of The American Tradition. A few idiots should not ruin it for everybody else just because they don't think or they don't like fireworks. It's called common sense PEOPLE! Always follow the directions and NEVER let your kids handle them and don't do stupid things with them that's why fireworks got banned in the first place. Brace anything that shoots up so it doesn't tip over on a flat level surface, never light more than one at a time stuff like that. Better yet find a wide open field free of houses trees and obstacles during certain hours and use them like the responsible adults you are come on guys it's not rocket science lol. You could use anything you wanted there just get permission bring stones or bricks to brace your tubes pipes pointed away from audience for rockets and a flat board for helicopter fireworks. We could all have a blast if you guys would be responsible and safe all the time like myself and some other people come on just use common sense, follow all directions on a firework label, light and get far away put it in a bucket of water when it's done. That's all just be safe and a blast(fun). Bring back the American tradition! Enjoy Fireworks any day have fun!

  • Fireworks legal in Iowa

    I think they should be legal in Iowa because they are legal in other states. Why not Iowa? What's so bad about Iowa that they can't have fireworks? Why should we have to go to other states to shoot off fireworks? I say it's not fair to those who want to shoot of firecrackers, and more.

  • Fireworks Give Happiness

    If you have been to the bay in Foster city on July 4th you can see how many kids go crazy when they start to fly. Everybody gets to celebrate and have fun, and rejoice that we are a free country! It's just not fair how everybody can't use fireworks anymore just because a few people are misusing the fireworks. It's also not fair that one city gets to have fireworks but another city does! Of course some people are not very careful and misuse them but many others are responsible and use fireworks carefully. Its like you make a few mistakes on a test and everybody in your family gets blamed! And your mom asked you to study for your own good and you just went ,"Whatever!" You are the one who is responsible for yourself not your family. This is a message for the people who are not using fireworks properly! I strongly agree that fireworks should be legal and hope our statements will make a difference!

  • Fireworks are fun & safe

    Fireworks are funwhen used they way they should be . Make it so you have to be 21 to buy & use them ......If people really want them ......They find a way to get them now illegaly.....So why not make them legal . There are many benifits to making them legal ......The money that would be generated to the state would be surprising ......I vote we make them legal......I am a big fan of them & enjoy them when i can get them.

  • Lagalize all fireworks.

    Its tradition. It is very boring without them. They are easy to use and fun to use. They are not dangerous. Everyone wants them legal so legalize it. Just use them right and it will be ok. Its not our fault people get hurt by them. Just use them safe.

  • Fireworks should be legal

    The fact that fireworks are not legal seems a little absurd considering there is already an age restriction on it. Also, people tend to get their hands on fireworks and use them regardless of what the law of the state is. They might as well make it legal so people can buy more and bring more money to the country.

  • Yes, they are fun and they are a part of our heritage

    Consumer fireworks, like many other things, can be dangerous when used improperly. Injuries, accidents, and fires resulting from their use can, and do, happen. With that being said, Americans have a long standing tradition of shooting fireworks. With appropriate supervision and safety precautions, they can be an enjoyable part of holiday celebrations. They are a part of our national heritage. The decision to allow the sale and use of fireworks is something that is best left to individuals, parents, and local governments.

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  • Fireworks are potentially dangerous and pollute the environment.

    Thousands of people are hurt every year from fireworks, and the chemicals released into the air from them are toxic to the environment. Keeping a tradition around isn't important if the country celebrated is gone from pollution. There are still other ways to celebrate holidays than fireworks, some being more fun.

  • Fuck you fireworks

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  • Ban public fireworks

    The noise from fireworks is problematic for many people. Most cities have firework shows on the 4th of July - limiting the noise to one night at a known time. Public fireworks results in random pops over a three week period. Summer should be enjoyable to everyone that served in the military.

  • It should be banned

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