Should Consumers Be Allowed to Unbundle Their Cable Packages?

  • Bundling isn't fooling anyone

    The illusion that the customer is getting his money's worth by getting 20 channels when he only wants 2 is now the a joke. With streaming options & devices such as Roku and Netflix, 9 out of 10 customers would gladly cut their cable if they could backfill one or two stations. Service providers need a new business model that creates partnerships with content providers so the infrastructure costs can be fairly distributed, while the consumer only pays for the products he wants.

  • Consumers should not Be Allowed to Unbundle Their Cable Packages.

    Consumers should not be able to un-bundle their cable packages since it would be bad for the cable companies. If the companies want to be competitive, they cannot offer single channels. Many customers would end up purchasing too little for the company to make a profit in the end, and they would have to go out of business.

  • No, it would end up being the same price.

    No, customers should not allowed to unbundle their cable packages, because it's a marketing service that the cable provider can offer. The cable provider can reduce costs by making sure that a person cannot easily switch to a different provider. Loyal customers ensures that the cable provider can continue to provide the service at an affordable price.

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