Should Consumers Be Worried About Genetically Modified Food?

  • Consumers should be worried about genetically modified food

    Genetically modified foods can be harmful to us in the future. They might not harm us right now because we have built up an immune system but what about the newborn kids being fed milk with it??? They could possibly die of something. We don't know all the chemicals in the GM foods so how can we completely say that it's safe?

  • Genetically engineered foods are good for you

    I think that genetically engineered foods can be good for the people. If you eat these foods you know that they do not contain anything harmful or that would make you sick. These foods are really safe for the consumer to eat. Foods that have not been genetically engineered could contain a lot of harmful ingredients that could hurt you if you had allergies or were already sick.

  • Yes they should.

    Consumers should be aware of the genetically modified food and look at what was used during the process and if it is at all harmful to them, or if maybe they have an allergies to it. Aside from that it is normally safe to eat, just good to be cautious.

  • Contention 1: Pest Resistance

    Genetically modified foods would be made to resist pests and diseases, therefore not needing great amounts of fertilization and decontamination from diseases. According to gmo-compass.Org, each year, insects destroy about 25 percent of food crops worldwide. The larvae of Ostrinia nubilalis, the European corn borer, can destroy up to 20 percent of a maize crop. Moreover, many crops, including potatoes, that have been modified, do not need the pesticides in the first place. These pesticides, that have plagued farmers over the century, with chemicals that make them feel dizzy or fatigued, are now unnecessary. When we ingest these pesticides, it can pose several serious health harms. Pesticides affect the nervous system (system in your body that controls your nerves and muscles). This can cause effects ranging from nausea to uncontrollable twitches or an inability to breathe. When we eliminate pesticides, we also eliminate these potential health hazards. This relates back to our standard, as the harms from pesticides are quick in action and progress over many years. Using GMOs to terminate the use of these chemicals is a long-term way to stop its harms altogether.

  • Consumers should not Be Worried About Genetically Modified Food.

    Genetically modified foods are safe and they are approved of by the Food and Drug Administration. If they were not safe, people would have started to suffer from the health effects of their consumption. People are afraid of genetically modified foods because they do not understand the science, but there is nothing to be afraid of.

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