Should consumers go out of their way to shop at small independently run stores instead of big-box retailers such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart?

  • You get better advice from smaller stores

    I've tried all types and I've always got better advice from small retailers who are more specialised and have better product knowledge on various brands. Big box stores usually can only point you to a section and then you are on your own. Many times I've bought the incorrect product and had to go back to get the correct product. Wasting time and money.

  • Helps local economy.

    Shopping in small independent stores, helps to keep your money in the local economy, also keeps the large businesses that manufacture over seas from making all the profits. I helps your community to stay stronger and people to have jobs. So keep your community stronger shop locally help your own people.

  • YES! Our communities depend on them!

    I live in a community with a few thousand people. I've seen what happens first hand when people stop shopping local. First the prices in the local stores go up, then the selection goes down... If people bought what they could at the small local stores, they would be able to bring more product in at a cheaper price. It's called supply & demand folks, it's been around forever. Nine times out of ten, if a small established business fails, it is more often than not, the consumer's fault, small businesses can't just make their own money. Aside from all this, if all the small businesses in your community closed up shop tomorrow, there is no source for jobs, other than the big box stores. They can start paying you less if there isn't as much competition for hiring workers. The dreadful customer service would get worse, because hey, there's no other option, so why waste time & money on training?! If there were only big corporate stores around, there would be less jobs, less jobs means people move away, less people means that even the big box stores will eventually suffer & close down. My small community is DYING, because people would rather drive 20 minutes into the city to buy stuff there, than buy local. And as for the "hours of operation", small businesses close at 5, "because the owners don't want to work"?? It's not because they don't want to work, its because consumers choose to shop at big box, and why should small businesses stay open an extra 4 hours, just so you can buy a box of glossettes at 10:30 at night, while no-one else came in that night. If you're not busy certain times, certain days, then it makes financial sense not to be open! "Saving money, especially at a time like this"... Don't you realize that the people who run small businesses need to too? They are people, and families, just like you, they support your community, and by you wanting to "save $2.00 by driving 30km out of your way" is NOT financially responsible.

  • Yes because they are local and care about the country

    It will be in the country and care about the country and are local
    They won't have children working without free will
    Better quality and a lot least pollution
    And that they will care how you get it they will do it for the money but they will also do it to make there customers happy

  • They should go to local stores

    I chose that because when you buy from a big business you have to waste lots of time and money to get there but you can just walk to the local store and get what you want. You can also get fit by walking down to the local store to get something.

  • I believe consumers should go out of their way to purchase locally imported and locally produced goods.

    I know that whenever a consumer from a certain area purchases a product, most of the money goes back into the local community that the buyer is buying things in. It also supports those people who run and manage those smaller businesses, and also, in comparison to plenty of bigger companies, the money that buyers spent will stay in their country, meaning more money for the consumer, and others in the country.

  • Absolutely

    It's simple:

    Bob owns a hardware store. Tom buys his supplies there to build dog houses. Mary is a vet and treats dogs that live in these houses. Jim owns a grocery store. Jim shops at Bobs, takes his dog to Mary for a check up. She shops at both bobs and Jim's. also refers customers to Tim's. this is very simple concept. Buy local, keep money in the community which helps everyone. When you buy your groceries, hardware, and dog houses at Walmart that money gets siphoned out of our local economy. Goes to china who exports plastic crap to us. It pays the CEOs and stockholders (keeping the super rich super rich) and provides low paying employment it's staff. Reducing the the quality of life. You work at Walmart you shop at Walmart. This ploy has been done before. On a much more suppressive scale but fundamentally it's the same. Like the mines where you work all day get paid in food a housing which is inadequate. You don't have to always got to "Joe's" shop to support our local economy. Just know where your shopping and what products your buying. And don't tell me " I can't afford to shop somewhere else" it's not that much cheaper. In the long run the costs are killing our economy. I will gladly pay $.15 cents more for a gallon of milk.

  • Shopping in locally owned, independent stores spurs the economy

    When you shop in a locally owned store (chain or not), more than 60% of the dollar(s) you spend stay in your community. If everyone regularly spent just $50 a month in a locally owned store, our economy would rebound. Small, locally owned businesses usually pay more than minimum wage and are usually better work environments. You don't have to give up saving money at Wal-mart, you just need to supplement your shopping at locally owned businesses.

  • Wal-Mart = BAD

    Consumers should, whenever possible, support local, private businesses. Large retailers may provide jobs for the American people, but they are low wage jobs with no real benefits. Those companies also import goods made in countries that exploit workers. We need to stimulate our own economy by putting our money into domestically made products. We need help our own small businesses thrive. Supporting our domestic economy will help create higher quality goods and better paying jobs, period.

  • Competition, Competition, Competition

    I don't think people should be forced to shop at smaller stores, and I completely understand that a large portion of Americans are simply too poor to be able to go out of their way to shop at these smaller stores.
    However, if we are talking about wanting to influence the market, the middle-class, the people who CAN afford to go out of their way are no less a significant player in consumer spending. The most powerful message consumers can send is with their monies.
    In addition, it is more common for small businesses to pay good wages for their employees, so from a workers' rights stand-point, the middle class does have a duty to the employees of the companies they buy from.

  • Bigger Businesses Are Better.

    I don't think consumers should go out of their way to go to small local shops. You might think everything is local and cheaper, but if you think about it say in Ireland we cant grow grapes because of the climate so in smaller local shops where they sell grapes they are coming from abroad in a warmer country so those grapes aren't local. Think about it you might only be buying locally because you think your getting local products but that's not always the way.

  • No not really

    I think that is stupid because not many small independent business's sell the clothes or stuff that most people want as we'll as food. But I guess it would help the community if we all did buy from small independent business's like cafe's and so but we should go out of our way to do so.

  • Buy from big businesses.

    I believe that buying from big businesses is good because you get the new fashion and its better gear and material. It also means you an get the latest styles. Like for example Kathmandu Puffy Jackets went popular easily. Kathmandu is a well known good brand and its trusted by everyone.

  • Of course not!!

    Big stores support communities, and provide individual benefits.
    With more money, bigger stores can have a wide selection and variety, they can branch out to own smaller shops, which aren't independent, provide newer fresher materials (turnover is higher), and add to the variety. These shops are also a lot cheaper, you may say, "It's only 15c extra for a gallon of milk", but these prices add up with everything to form a large bill, that people have to pay for with money they don't have.
    The topic states "go out of their way". No-one should be forced to go to small, expensive, independent stores.

  • Buying food from farmers markets does not necessarily mean its “healthier”:

    Today supermarkets’ efficient supply chains mean that green beans are on the shelves in Britain or the USA within 24 hours of being picked in Kenya or Peru. As most farmers markets only operate once or twice a week, the chances are that their produce is no fresher than this.

  • why should they?

    Saving money is important for everyone. Small businesses should cut their prices if they want to beat out wal-marts.

    Posted by: TUF
  • The big stores have lower prices and more goods to choose from.

    I remember the businesses on Main Street, in my own town, when I was young. They closed at 6:00, every night, because the owners wanted to go home. If the customers wanted something, then they had to work around the hours the small business set. The large stores like Wal-Mart are open for longer hours, have lower prices, and much more to choose from. Honest competition is the best way to see which businesses thrive.

    Posted by: ddeathnote
  • Consumers have the right to shop wherever they want.

    America is a free country, and consumers can shop wherever they want. Each person knows his/her own budget and how best to spend money. Consumers should be encouraged to shop at independently run stores, but they do not need to go out of their way to shop at these stores.

    Posted by: MycaMy
  • Consumers should not have to go out of their way to shop at small stores because right now it is important to save money.

    The way the economy is right now it is important for families to save as much money as possible. Gas prices are rising, taxes are increasing, food is getting more expensive. If you do not take care of yourself, no one will. So it is a matter of doing what you need to do to survive. If you can afford to shop at smaller stores, then do it, but consumers should not be made to go out of their way to do so.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I think consumers should shop at the most convenient and least expensive place.

    Consumers have no obligation to shop at small independently run stores. Especially in this time of economic recession, the average consumer is trying his or her best to shop where they can save the most money. Their first obligation is to provide for their family the best they know how.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37

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