Should consumers worry about price increases if Comcast is able to buy out Time Warner and Charter Communications?

  • It's more than just price you should be worried about.

    Yes, I think everyone should be worried about the possibility of cable/internet/phone bills going up. But people should also be aware of the net neutrality issue. My biggest concern is having our internet turn into something like cable TV, which would NEVER tolerated. So there's alot at stake. My hope is that the deal falls through. It would be a travesty otherwise.

    Posted by: S.K
  • What A Monopoly

    I believe consumers should worry about price increases from any of their cable companies because its clear they over charge for their product on a daily basis and even when they offer you a deal, its not all that great. If Comcast were to buy out both Time Warner and Charter Communications they would be in control of a large percentage of the market share and I would say price increases would be even more likely.

  • Yes, consumers should worry about price increases.

    If Comcast does in fact buy out Time Warner Cable, we are going to see dramatic price increases. This would eliminate the competition between the two companies, giving Comcast the leeway to raise prices as much as they want. Overall I think this would be a devastating thing to all consumers in this market.

  • Fear Comcast price hikes

    Comcast is already one of the least popular companies in America and it is not going to help that they may start monopolizing what they do if they purchase Time Warner and Charter Communications. I think that a price hike is all but certainly going to happen at that point.

  • That would be a perfect storm of awfulness.

    The last thing consumers need is the unholy marriage of those big three cable operators in the United States. The potential merger or buyout of Time Warner and Charter by Comcast would create a near monopoly situation that would erode Internet and cable television service quality with prices higher than ever. Hopefully the Department of Justice would never allow it.

  • No, they will make their products more efficient.

    No, consumers should not worry about price increases if Comcast is able to buy out Time Warner and Charter Communications, because both Charter and Comcast operate in a controlled-priced system as it is. Charter and Comcast operate in different markets. They have virtual monopolies already, but at the same time, they have very limited price controls. Not much would change.

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