Should contemporary humans be more (yes) or less (no) dependent upon computers?

  • Contemporary humans be more dependent upon computers.

    Computers can make life easier for everyone. People should be able to rely on machines and computers for things that are boring or monotonous. In the future, computerized cars will make driving a lore safer, because computers will not make the same kinds of mistakes humans do. This will make our lives safer.

  • Yes, contemporary humans should be more dependent on computers.

    I think people who live more modern lifestyle today should be more dependent on computers. In this day and age, it is impossible for people not to depend on things like the latest technology, etc. Most work places and how society is ran depends on computers. That is why it is impossible for contemporary humans to not be dependen on computers.

  • No we should be less

    We should be much less dependent on computers because we do everything on computers! I mean, I am on a computer right now so that shows that we are extremely too dependent on them! If you could comment and tell me what to fix in my argument as I am in a debate in 2 days and need practice!Thx

  • Humans should be independent

    Contemporary humans need to be less dependent on computers. Sometimes people rely on computers too much and therefore lose capabilities that they had at one time. They lose math skills and thinking skills and people always want instant gratification. Computers make it to easy to not really study up on a subject.

  • Computers have their place but humans should do more.

    I think that people and companies are relying too much on computers. People do everything on computers and do not spend enough time with their family and friends. Their work is getting sloppier because they are worried more about their technology. I also think that the companies are relying on computers too much since they are cheaper than people. That can change when people do not have the money to buy anything anymore.

  • Computers Should Not Be A Crutch

    Quite often, computers are destroying the natural skills it took generations to develop. Do not know how to spell? No problem! Spellcheck can fix it for you. Do know know how to add, subtract, multiply, and devide in your head? No problem! You can have a calculator do it for you.

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