• Yes, content on internet forums needs to be guided to stay on topic.

    Yes, Internet forums require moderation in order to be truly effective. By having a moderator regulate Internet forums and message boards, the content being delivered is guided to be more on point and effective. In addition, having a moderator regulate these message boards can keep negative influences like trolls from tainting a community and derailing conversations.

  • Also known as censorship

    Content on Internet forums and message boards being regulated under anything more than basic laws that apply in every day life and every other medium is risky. It seems like a wonderful way to introduce censorship in every facet of life, stifle dissent, and eliminate the kind of free flow of ideas and information that the Internet excels at.

  • That's not the internet

    For the internet to be truly as the internet is, it is impossible to control the content of every message board and other comments section. In order to regulate everything, the measures that would have needed to be taken would render what people know of as the internet would not exist.

  • No. I do not believe content on Internet forums and message boards should be regulated.

    No. I do not believe content on Internet forums and message boards should be regulated. Unless it is illegal. If illegal activity isn't the issue then no. I do not believe forums, and message boards should be regulated. In America we have a first amendment right of "Freedom Of Speech" . we should be allowed to put that to use.

  • Internet Stands for Free Exchange of Ideas

    Content on Internet forums shouldn't be regulated by the government and should only be policed by those running the forums themselves. The Internet is a great medium for the free exchange of ideas and the government has no business regulating content. The only reason authorities should get involved with Internet forums is to investigate valid search warrants signed by judges to further due process.

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