• Yes it should

    With these websites children are being harmed mentally by seeing a picture or even reading a sentence. With children seeing things like this who know what could happen to their children finding out more information then they need to know at a certain age. Therefore I believe Websites should be censored.

  • Censorship a big idea

    I think the inappropriate content from the websites should be blocked. Either it's a college student or a child, It's impact is over all harmful on the thinking power of the person. It enforces them to think in negative direction. Still several steps are taken by the government but it all depends now on the user what he/she wants to serve on the web

  • An obvious yes.

    Inappropriate content found on the internet, Like others have said, Should be censored by the government. Sure some schools and many parents have set restrictions on their child’s devices, But most unfitting information can still get through. These unsuitable references have a potent effect on children, It can harm them in as many ways possible.

  • Internet Deemed Inappropriate

    I personally think that the content on the Internet should deemed inappropriate censored because it is is not appropriate for young kids to see. I personally think that the content on the Internet should be deemed because it is inappropriate for the public and it should be censored as well.

  • Censorship is sometimes a necessity.

    Content on the Internet deemed inappropriate should be censored. This is to protect people, especially children, from undue harm. There are so many influences out there that can hurt our kids, such as graphic pictures, language, and cults. The internet is a collective tool for even negative expression, so we should censor when needed.

  • No, Censorship Shouldn't Be a thing!

    I do not believe that most content on the internet need to monitored by the government themselves. The head of whatever website(s) should be able have access to show whatever they please of showing not, The government. Some content isn't really inappropriate or has to do with any sexual content; it's just block for no reason at all. It's up to the people in the country that should say whether or not their children is allowed to see the inappropriate content. This needs to stop.

  • Internet content should be uncensored

    Content on the Internet deemed inappropriate should be up to the decision of the user. There are software that can block these types of content if they please. By censoring this content, we are allowing the government to take control of what we can and can't see. This is a violation of our Constitutional rights.

  • No internet censorship

    I think it is a bad idea for the Internet to be censored at all. It takes away freedom of information and just some of our basic rights. If something needs to be censored, it's for children, and that is something parents can moderate both on and off the internet.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe content on the Internet deemed inappropriate should be censored. The problem with this is the fact that different people deem different things inappropriate so you would create a process that lends itself to more and more censorship as more and more people add what they define to be inappropriate.

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