Should contraception be covered by health insurance?

  • Yes, of course.

    Contraceptives are related to ones well being, just as any other prescription medication it is. It helps to keep overall costs low from problems that could arise from unwanted pregnancies. It many cases, women take the pill to help regulate cycles, and help reduce side effects of a monthly period.

  • Of course birth control should be covered by health insurance

    Birth control is cheap. Unintended pregnancies are expensive. These are facts.

    Preventative medicine is always cheaper than paying for the problem that was not prevented and birth control is no exception. It can easily cost over $50,000 just to deliver a baby. The vast majority of those costs are paid by the insurer, which means that the costs are spread out over everyone who has insurance. If we provide cheap and affordable birth control to people who are not ready to have a family it makes their lives better and it makes all of our health insurance more affordable.

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