Should contraceptives be offered in public schools?

  • Yes, Most Definitely, but With Rules

    Our children need to understand the importance of using contraceptives and the importance of using sex appropriately. After the age of 15, many teens begin experimenting sexually. Without being able to get their hands on contraceptives, and without the appropriate education regarding contraceptives, the amount of teens put in unsafe conditions is too high.

  • Yes. Make them available to those who want them.

    Since the emergence of human civilization, young people have been having sex before they are emotionally and financially ready for the burden. It makes sense to limit the number of unwanted pregnancies, and the best way to do that is through making contraception available. They're going to have sex anyway, so we might as well limit the damage and handle it respectfully and without avoidance. There are some people who complain that they do not want their children to use contraception, but these people can simply tell their kids not to use it. Making it available does not force it on anyone.

  • It would help.

    If contraceptives were distributed to kids in public schools I think more people would participate in safe sex. Many kids in school do have sex but don't want to face the embarrassment of buying condoms or don't have the money to buy condoms. Also it would decrease the rate of teen pregnancy since the contraception would be readily available to anyone at anytime.

  • What...

    No way. Public schools are paid for with public taxes, and while it's annoying enough that I have to pay for some morons to get an education, it's even more annoying that I'll now have to pay for all their sexual exploits. If you can't even muster up the guts and cash to buy yourself contraception, what the hell are you doing having sex?

  • Kids shouldn't be freely offered drugs

    We are already providing kids with the information about safe sex and contraception, and how to get contraception, through sex ed classes. Contraceptives are serious drugs; they are dumping loads of synthetic hormones into your body and people with certain medical conditions shouldn't take them. Contraceptives should not be given to children without their parents' permission and under a physician's watch.

  • "It's my life, and my parents shouldn't care" GROW UP!

    Making your own choices is fine. However, to make your own choice, one should be confident, and when you are not confident about going to your parents about protective sex, then you should not be doing it. Parents sacrifice their entire lives in order to raise you, and if you are living under their roof, out of dignity and respect for yourselves and your parents and then maybe you should think twice. What really shocks me is that there are so many children who want to make their won choices." If it feels right then do it", Well, when you get an STD, or when you find that you misused a condom or contraceptive, or had a bad reaction to a contraceptive, you AND your parents will have to pay for it.

    Before you decide to have sex casually, or even if you think you are in love and going to get married at 18, (not the wisest decision, by the way.) Try to focus on your own life foundations and moral fiber before you risk the chance of ruining your life before it even begins. YOU ARE A TEENAGER! So Much to learn. I am so sorry for your generation that is so mislead about sex.

    In my senior year college, about six years ago, I took a course on sexual psychology. The class was full of familiar faces. Many that I knew had long term relationship and casual hook ups. This course was a life saver. It opened our eyes to the many growing STDS there are in our society. Frankly, it scared most of us. The birth Control pill does NOT protect you from these. Nor does the Gardasil injection (which is now the cause of 70 deaths in the nation and has had other negative effects) and Condoms are not always secure.

    High school is a place to educate, and prep students for College, if they are planning on attending one. It should teach the children to trust in responsible parents. It is not a free clinic.

    To the Parents: I heard other students say "my parents don't care, they know I do it," If your Child has this idea that you are fine with this behavior, Then, Shame on you as a parent. Talk to your kids. Keep religious/ moral traditions alive in the home, as it builds a strong foundation for most, and will also help the economy, and society in the long run.

  • No, that is not education.

    No, contraceptives should not be offered in public schools, because there is no educational purpose in offering contraceptives. Schools are for education. They are not centers for the government to micromanage young people. Children should be educated on their options and biology, but they need to make medical decisions with their parents and doctors.

  • Schools are for learning reading, writing, math, and science

    The purpose of public schools is to teach children reading, writing, science, and mathematics. Aside from teaching how the human reproductive system works (sperm, egg, Fallopian tubes, etc), it is not the job of the school system to control, attempt to control, or even comment on students' sex lives.

    Schools should be completely neutral when it comes to religious, political, and social issues, including that of child pregnancy.

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