• Yes, they should be.

    The fact that the Brits still control the Falkland Islands makes even more annoyed with them. They still have the largest commonwealth in the world and are rubbing their temples because of a colonial hangover. They need to let go of their barbaric past and give the Falklands back to Argentina.

  • Yes it should

    Yes, since they are the nation that is really close to these islands, they are the ones that need to be in control of them and that need to be the ones that are going to manage them and make sure that they are kept good for the rest of time.

  • Yes, I believe the falkland Islands should be ceded to Argentina.

    It no longer makes sense for Great Britain to still have control of the island, The island is close to Argentina and most of it's residents likely visit Argentina on a regular basis, I don't see a real reason why Great Britain couldn't cede control of the Falkland islands to Argentina.

  • Makes Geographic Sense

    Great Britain doesn't need a base in the Western Hemisphere. The country already has Canada, Britain has an ally in the United States and Guyana is also friendly to the United Kingdom. The Falklands should stay with Argentina simply because of their location on the globe and for no other reason.

  • No, because of the Right to Self Determination

    The Falkland Islanders (Kelpers) have shown that only three people on the Island don't want to be British. Respect Democracy and get over it Argentina. As king as the people of the Island want to be a part of Britain they shall stay there and Britain will never surrender the ownership unless the people want to.

  • Mostly British Inhabitants

    I personally do not believe the Falkland Islands should be ceded to Argentina. I think the problem with this suggestion is the fact that the majority of the inhabitants are actually from Britain and they hold British citizenship. It would seem odd to me for these people to be handed over to the government of Argentina.

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