• Food should not be disallowed just because it is controversial

    For example horse meat. Horses aren't endangered. If it grosses you out don't eat it.
    And even for endangered species food should be allowed if it is certified to come from a farm rather than from hunting in the wild. That would help encourage protection of endangered species, because people would get the meat from licensed farmers and then the animal can remain unmolested in the wild.

  • There are endangered species

    If you describe something or someone as controversial, you mean that they are the subject of intense public argument, disagreement, or disapproval. So it means that when you are eating a controversial food, it could. become a problem. For example, according to, the 10 most controversial foods around the world are: first, horse, second, duck or goose’s liver, third, shark fin, fourth, turtle, fifth, dolphin, sixth ortolan, seventh, monkey brain, eighth, polar bears, ninth, frog hear, fish, baby octopus, and tenth, blue fin tuna. If you just listen to this, you will not understand the problem of eating controversial foods. You would need to know the problem of eating these kinds of foods. The demand for shark fin, especially in mainland China, has increased to the point where the ocean ecosystem is said to be in danger due to the declining shark population. The Ortolan Bunting is a small bird known as a delicacy in France and western Asia – so much so that the population is now in decline. With the huge decline in the polar bear population due to global warming and trophy hunting, polar bear hunting practices of the northern aboriginal communities in Canada, Greenland, Norway, and Russia have come into question, despite its cultural and historical significance. Do you really think you should eat controversial foods even though there are animals that are endangered? Because there are endangered species, people should not eat controversial foods.

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