• Conventions For Political Parties

    I personally think that conventions for political parties should be expanded due to the modern voting as well as the government. I personally think that conventions for political parties should expand because it could be more people but it can be more problem solving as well as getting the job done.

  • Expand the conventions.

    Conventions for political parties should be expanded thanks to modern voting. Mainly I believe this because conventions bring in a lot of money to a city, wherever they are located. And modern voting practices fall in line with this because the voting numbers have gone up as well. This means more people are interested in politics and will spend to attend.

  • We should Expand

    I believe modern voting will support the expansion of conventions with political parties. I believe we could revolutionize the way we vote and interact as a country with our modern technology and I think we should take advantage of it more now than we have tried to so far. I believe the best way to combat the corruption we are currently seeing is to give even more people a voice.

  • They should be contracted

    The convention for political parties should be contracted thank to modern voting, not expanded. They are by and large, a giant waste of money. There is no reason to have these big conventions anymore as you can reach a larger and wider audience with the Internet and it is a lot cheaper.

  • There is no need.

    No, conventions for political parties should not be expanded, and they should be contracted, because with modern voting, we can all be connected enough to participate in a convention. Conventions give too much power to the party bosses. If conventions were contracted, the real voters would have more say in who is nominated.

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