Should convicted criminals be pardoned if they stay honest for 7 years?

  • Give em a chance

    Yes, I think that if a criminal shows good behavior for a certain amount of time, then they should go ahead and be pardoned. Only though if they have proven to no longer be a threat to society, and will no longer participate in any criminal activites once set free.

  • Convicted criminals should be pardoned if they stay honest for 7 years.

    There are currently too many people in prison in America. Criminals should be given shorter sentences and pardoned if they can lead a law abiding life for a certain number of years. Prison should rehabilitate people so that they can come back to society and make contributions to the community.

  • Not at all

    First of all, you can't forgive a lot of crimes simply by just being honest with people. You can't forgive a rapist because they told the truth for a determined people of time. You also can't tell if someone has been 100% truthful with you in any way. This idea is ludicrous.

  • Convicted criminals should serve the sentence for the crime they committed.

    Living in a free and open society requires people to adhere to and follow laws. For certain heinous crimes, a severe punishment is a must. This sends a strong signal to those living within a society that there are very serious consequences to behaving in anti-social ways that break societal laws. If convicted criminals were regularly pardoned early then those people who are more likely to engage in criminal behavior may feel there is not as much risk involved should they break the law. This could lead to more criminal acts within a society.

  • Convicted Criminals Don't Deserve Pardons

    Most convicted criminals don't deserve pardons for any reason, whether or not they stay honest for seven years. Honesty for a limited period doesn't pardon a person from the crimes they originally committed. Therefore, implementing such a pardoning policy is a terrible idea and wouldn't make any sense for our system.

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