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  • Only if it's for nonviolent crime.

    I believe it wouldn't be fair to label someone a menace to society and unable to possess a firearm simply because of some dumb thing they did as long as they didn't hurt anyone. For example if someone was convicted of the possession of a controlled substance even if it was in a small amount, they shouldn't be punished in the same way that someone convicted of aggravated assault or assault with a deadly weapon should be.

  • This is a very difficult question. It really depends.

    I am not sure where we currently stand on eliminating gun rights, but I believe if you have ever been convicted of anything they are gone, which is wrong. Firstly violence should revoke your gun rights, but I dont think flying a drone for money makes you a dangerous persso

  • The second amm. Has no restrictions.

    According to just the second amm., no one should be barred from owning firearms. No I do not I fully support the severely mentally ill from owning firearms, or those who are proven to be an imminent danger to society. Some felons are a danger, while some are not. This subject needs more research.

  • This is a tough one, but most felons should have their gun rights

    The right to bear arms is enshrined in the constitution. The constitution should not be considered a flexible document. I think felons who have not exhibited any tendency for violence, or exhibit mental health issues should have all of their constitutional rights. I don't think having committed a crime negates ones right to the freedoms enumerated in the constitution.

  • Yes, convicted felons should have gun rights.

    This is a very difficult position to take. Few people are advocating "more guns for felons". However, since I believe that convicted felons should be able to exercise their right to vote upon release from prison, I feel it would be hypocritical to say that they should not also have the right to own a firearm. So long as the constitution is interpreted to give the right to bear arms to all citizens, that right should also be extended to felons upon their release from the justice system.

  • Depends On The Charges

    I believe there are some convicted felons that should still have their gun rights. I believe we have locked up a lot of people who have committed non-violent, victimless crimes and these people should not be denied their rights. Not all convicted felons fall into a category that makes it sensible to restrict their gun ownership rights.

  • Yes, Of Course!

    Its super fucked up that they wanna take away my right to bear arms! Like Im a second class citizen. You can take your right to vote and shove it up your ass. I want my rights to my guns back! I love guns there in my blood! From my clod dead hands. What this is america. Your pussy ass law won't stop me from enforcing my rights!

  • Certain Felons shouldnt be able to get guns

    Not all felons should have gun rights but some should. Some felons have committed non-violence crimes in which they harm no one. Other felons that have been charged with assault with a weapon should NOT be able to purchase a gun. This could also just mean there needs to be a change on what felony crimes are. .

  • I say yes!

    If a person is considered a threat, he, or she, should remain incarcerated. A convicted felon can carry a knife, baseball bat, or an ax, all every bit as deadly as a firearm. No matter what his past is, nobody should tell a man, he can't protect himself, his family, or his home.

  • No guns for the convicted

    They should not be allowed to carry around a gun since they have been convicted and have been proven to be a danger to society. By letting them freely carry around a gun we are giving them opportunities that they will commit another crime. I understand that not all felons are like this but it is better to be safe then to be sorry.

  • Only if they have been convicted of non-violent crimes

    If a criminal is convicted of a violent crime then they shouldn't be able to own a gun. This could lead to them committing more violent crimes and hurting other people. The person who lets them have a gun with a bad record could be thought of as helping the felon commit the crime.

  • What on earth!?!?!

    This policy is just like giving a three-year-old a gun to play with!! Someone who has a criminal record is now having a death machine being placed in their hands! Why can anybody support this? I do not see any logic what so ever with this policy. I simply cannot understand...

  • Not violent felons

    Any person convicted for a crime involving committing or inciting a violent act should lose this right. Why let them have a deadly weapon when they are known to be aggressive or at least impulsive? If you won't let them have a gun in the prison because of the threat due to what they did, why allow them to have one on the streets where people aren't trained to handle violence and aren't expecting violence.

  • When you are a felon, some rights have to be taken away.

    The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but if you commit a serious offense this right should be taken away. With serious crimes there are consequences and it doesn't matter what offense was made - the felon obviously committed a very bad crime and exhibited poor behavior to his/her environment and allowing them to own a gun is just putting every one in very bad situation.

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