Should cooking classes be allowed in high school?

  • Future Life of Students

    When these kids become a mom or dad they will more likely feed their kids healthier food if they took a cooking classes in their life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . . .. . .

  • Yes, you do

    Whenever you are on your own,you will need to be able to cook. You will have a bonus if you are abandoned somewhere and you will be the only kid that could cook. I know because I am a teen myself. I should know what people my age need. That is why I say yes, it would be boring, but worth it.

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  • You'll be Surprised

    How many people actually bother to read nutrition labels? How many people WANT to? Not many I'd guess. But, you should read them. I can guarantee you'll be surprised. Read the may contain next. Surprised yet? I found out that my Fruit Jelly orange flavour may contain traces of fish. FISH! Your eyebrows are raised, right?

  • Lower Obedience in U.S.

    Learning to cook would mean less eating out. Food choices would be wiser, and people would eat much healthier. They would also be able to try new things, meaning there would be a variety of food groups eaten every day. People would know exactly what was in the food they were eating.

  • Yes, cooking is a useful subject.

    Of course cooking should be allowed in high school. In the past it was always an option. Students always have to take some electives that are considered "easier" than the major subjects. Cooking will give both males and females a skill they need to live and may actually lead to a career.

  • Great cooking experience

    I think it could be allowed in school, cooking in general is a very relaxing activity which can be a practical thing to learn at an early age, along with nutritional information would be a stepping forward to achieve a better heath, due to not knowing how to cook natural and healthy many are pushed to buy at fast food places where nutritional value is not what they can fast lane order at all.

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