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  • Cheaper cars if got space to drive them

    Yes they should only be cheaper if u know where to take them to get to top speed but if you are on a road or motor way and u start speeding and you crash it could be your life gone and someone els's life as well.
    The only thing why there not cheap is because lots of people will buy them and speed so the price is high so less people can buy them

  • Yes they should

    It's simple and short. All cars that are sold cost ways more to buy than they do to make. Companies should be honest with their prices. I know they need money buy they shouldn't advantage of people. When i say advantage i mean my our dream cars. People wont stop working and making money until they complete their goal. Companies make these cars expensive as f*ck because usually people wont question it. This is my reason, it may be wrong but, its only an opinion. Plus, who wouldn't want their dream car at a more affordable price?

  • No, They Shouldn't

    Obviously, it would be cool to have luxury automobiles at a cheaper price, but the exclusivity is the whole point. If you buy a Jaguar, or an Aston Martin, or a Ferrari, or a Lamborghini, you aren't buying the car for its performance. Sure, the car might be a high performance vehicle, but that's not what you pay for. You pay for the ability to own a high luxury, high performance, moving indication of status. These cars are as much a symbol of status as they are transportation. That's why people pay so much for them. They are expensive as a means to maintain an exclusive clientele.

  • This is sad

    Wow what an idiotic question. Why would a cool, luxury car that probably took a lot more money to produce than a regular car be less expensive. Those cars were literally made for those who have excess money and can afford to spend whatever on whatever. Think before you ask a question my friend.

  • Loses the "dream" in "dream cars"

    Cars that rely on exclusivity, like Paganis and Koenigseggs, should be that way. Its what makes them desirable, if they were lower price, they wouldn't be as desirable, knowing how much easier you could get them. And, there would more crashes as rich kids with zero driving skills can get their hands on them. Would you want every single copy of your dream car crashed into a wall by one of them?

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