Should coöperative ownership replace private ownership? As such having workers enjoy all the fruits of their labour.

Asked by: Kenroy
  • Socialism is infinitely more moral than capitalism

    The people that are actually producing product and value are the workers. Bosses and CEOs and owners do little but siphon money away from the workers. Working people are not stupid, they can manage themselves. Give them control and let them share ALL of what they produce rather than a portion of it.

  • I have little sympathy for those making money with money

    I believe that if you want to make a living you should ACTUALLY work for it.
    Private business owners have employees work for them, and then go running off with the profits.
    Which exceeds a wage amount in case he did work in the business.
    Yes you should have larger % of the profit as the founder of a business.
    But going off running with all the profits like a leech.
    Just shows the ownership foundation of capitalism, to be another system of domination and exploitation.

  • Domination and exploitation rule.

    Look, there are two types of people. The "haves" and "haves not". The "haves not" will always be unbelievably salty towards the "haves" because they perceive their position as untenable, or otherwise disadvantaged. If I make a business, I took the risk and invested, and I want returns. What? More to the workers? In this economy? You must be nuts.

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