• They just want to arrest.

    Yes, cops should be better trained in conflict resolution, because there are some cops who want to start a fight. There are some cops who have more resisting and opposing than other cops. These cops need to learn not to do their jobs by being bullies. There are other alternatives.

  • I believe cops should be better trained in conflict resolution.

    Cops should always have the benefits of conflict resolution training. Everyday you can read news stories of police shooting and killing people, this is dangerous and should be used with serious discretion. It is unacceptable that one preventable death was not avoided. The standard of "shoot to kill" should be re evaluated and based on circumstance instead. Focus should be on the best ways to sending the person to face justice, rather than sending them to the afterlife.

  • Cops need to learn conflict resolution

    When in the line of duty, police officers need to be trained to deal with any possible situation they may come across. This includes conflict resolution. Say a police officer gets a call about a domestic disturbance, that police officer needs to be able to effectively resolve the dispute without violence.

  • All Need More Training

    I believe law enforcement officers need to be better trained in a lot of areas, one being conflict resolution. Law enforcement officers need to offer real services to the people that they benefit from. The general population currently sees law enforcement in a bad light and they are generally disliked. Learning new skills and offering better services may help improve their image within the community.

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