Should cops give tickets to parents of chronic bullies?

  • I think they should be fined

    It will tell the parents that their kid is bullying somebody and tell them to stop hurting the [oow w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w

  • Ticketing is a smart way to handle this.

    Many people have children that bully and don't care. If these parents get fined, the parents may be motivated to take a stand and tell their child to stop bullying. Plus, these tickets are given out sparingly, and not all parents will get fined. The parents that tried everything and are on edge won't be fined. The parents that say their child is perfect will be fined. You may take in account the fact that many bullies have abusive families, but these families could be watched and they deserve to be fined.

  • Yes, in increasing amounts.

    Parents still have some say over most children, and frequently they do not realize that their youngsters are behaving so badly or they think it is just kids being kids. If they were fined, perhaps graduated amounts for different violations, then they would get the idea that this is serious and they need to control their kids.

  • Switch of roles

    If the bullying reaches to a point that its affecting the child then yes! Parents won't like to give so much money over and over again just cause their child wants to bully someone. Bullies like to intimidate others, well now it would be their parents intimidating them. In a way to get them to stop bullying others the parents would isolate them from things and privileges as a punishment .

  • At least prevent your kid from bullying if you can't stop him/her!

    If the parents' are aware of the child's actions, they should by all means try to stop it. I understand that some kids don't listen to their parents, and sometimes that isn't the parents' fault, but the parents should at least try to prevent the child from having the opportunities to do it. The parents should receive an even larger ticket if they are aware of the bullying and are not putting in any effort to stop it. Bullying is a horrible thing, and it could even cause suicide. That's pretty much indirectly killing a person. If murderers are put in prison, then shouldn't their accomplices receive some kind of punishment?

  • It's worth a shot.

    Bullying is such a problem, I think it is an intriguing idea to try. Research has shown that zero tolerance policies are ineffective. This may not lead to great changes, but even if the law saves one child from being bullied this policy is worth it. The real need is to get prevention programs in place that teaches tolerance and to have role models both at home and school that are supportive.

  • They should have taught their kids better.

    However, I'm not saying that a fine should be given to them straight away. Teachers and/or police need to alert parents that their kid is a bully and to warn them about that. Then if the bully is allowed to continue and isn't disciplined etc. Then parents should be fined.

    After all, when a monetary punishment is used, I think that would motivate even the most lazy parents into doing something about their child's behaviour.

  • It may stop the bullying

    If parent received a fine because their kids are constantly bullying other kids, it may cause the parents to actually take a step to discipline their children and stop them. An example would be Billy is always picking on Sarah so his parents are ticketed $100. That's ridiculous. Parents will complain and cops will say, "Billy here is a chronic bully. As long as he constantly bullies her, you will be given a $100 ticket." The parents are outraged and will make sure Billy never picks on her again. It could be how he was showing his feelings, but what if they were teenagers and he was sexually harassing her? Victims of bullies usually don't speak up because of fear. This way they have some hope of the bully being forced to leave them alone. As I said before, victims usually don't speak up so it won't help if they don't speak. However, using COMMON SENSE people can spot bullies.

  • Nonsense. Utter nonsense.

    The only way to stop a bully is to meet them on the ground they stand and fight back. That could mean that the bullied kid punches his tormenter in the jaw or it could mean that some other kid does that for him -but the rules of realpolitik apply equally in international politics, and on the playground.

    Posted by: YYW
  • Bullies should be put in community service. Bullies' parents should not be fined.

    What if parents were just informed about their child bullying other children and then fined at the same time? What if parents are always working and cannot control their child? What if the child is too defiant? Fining parents isn't going to stop bullies anyways. Fining parents for bullying won't work, but fining the bullies will. If the bullies don't have enough money, they will have to serve community service. It is as simple as that.

  • Look at all these cons

    It may clog up the courts
    It does not address the psychological factors of what is causing the child to be a bully
    A parent that cannot pay the fine will then find themselves in even more hot water
    Who pays or is held responsible if parents share custody? It does not address that issue.
    A child who bullies is often bullied at home, so now there is a fine, the bully may find himself more bullied at home.
    If this does not go on their record, it may not deter wealthy parents
    It seems odd that the same legal system that wants to try children who murder, as adults, want to make parents responsible for bullying.

    All in all, I see more potential problems than I do benefits. Psychological services for the bully might be more beneficial for all involved. I also think while bullying is getting more rampant due to the anonymity and availability of on line sites, criminalizing parents who have children who bully may not be the solution. Bullying has been around since time began and sadly, kids do have to learn to deal with it on some level.

  • Sometimes its the school watching kids

    Parents can't keep track of their kids all the time. Plus most bullying happens at school which is an example of when parents aren't watching their kids. So if any one that isn't the bully had to pay it should be the school. Also most kids do there homework after school (away from there parents) so the only time they see each other during dinner, a place where all of there siblings would be. Nobody likes there parents talking about there flaws/mistakes in front of there siblings. Thus making there no time to talk about no bullying no matter what.

  • Citing parents for bullying is stupid.

    I think it's stupid that this law was even proposed, and insane that many support this. This clearly crosses the line. We already have laws regarding defamation, assault and a slew of other misdemeanor and felony actions, as well as school policies surrounding bullying. Pursue those avenues. I know it is frustrating and sad when parents' won't discipline their child, but it is not yours nor the governments' job to police that. How much more parenting are we willing to legislate?

  • That is taking things too far

    Bullying is not all bad, but some aspects of bullying are a very important part of a child's development. In the old days it was just called teasing and adults did not get involved unless it was very bad or physically violent. This is how children learned to cope with social negativity which will become an essential life skill.

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