• Less Trigger-Happy Cops...

    Enough said. Just to sink it in...Cops would be wiser in medium-threat situations with unarmed criminals. Overreactions and overdependence on your firearm would decrease. Stun guns are also acceptable euphemisms violence towards a hostile criminal. Basically, cops are undertrained, underprepared and need more skills if you're that serious about combatting crime. Then why aren't you utilizing every resource relevant to preventing criminal success?

  • Any form of better self protection should be mandatory

    I don't think cops ned to learn specifically martial art, however it do think it is in THEIR best interest to:

    -be fit
    -be able to protect themselves in case of close combat/guns or other weapons are not available

    I've known a few cops in my time, and the ones I knew did all know martial arts anyway. Some forms focus more on form and fitness and others on sparring. Either way, I think they would all benefit cops.

  • Time and money

    A basic skill set and ability would come in handy, but to require that they all master (or elevate at least a few belt colours) would require a large portion of time, that is not financial feasible. You can have on going classes when they are employed, they learn an increased number of skills. Another problem, much of the martial arts are protection and nearly fatal or at least incapacitating. That means you will break bones, and receive lawsuits because some lawyer out there thinks you could do it in a more gentile way.

  • Maybe cops should

    But Chuck Norris is a failure as an actor,person, advocate, and faux politician. I hate every fiber of his stupid existence. He is a moron. He sucked on TV, he sucks in life and he is a piss poor role model. I wishj he would eat sh*t and die, the sooner the faster.

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Jonbonbon says2014-02-23T06:50:55.047
They already do.

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