Should copyright laws be more strictly enforced with regard to content found on the World Wide Web or the Internet?

  • So much goes unreported.

    Yes, copyright laws should be more strictly enforced with regard to content found on the World Wide Web or on the Internet, because so much goes on that is never prosecuted. It has become so much easier to break copyright laws, to the detriment of those who produce the music and are trying to make a living.

  • yes, the web needs stricter enforcement of copyright laws

    It seems like the vastness of the world wide web makes it even easier for people to steal other artists work. I actually had some of my original artwork stolen and only by chance saw it reproduced somewhere else. I think the anonymous nature of the web makes people think they can get away with more. The copyright laws need to be imposed and even more heavily to discourge the rampant theft.

  • Copyright laws should be strict

    Copyright laws should be more strictly enforced because of the possible rules violations made possible by the internet. Many people try to get around the copyright laws because of all the information that can be gathered from the world wide web. This puts a strain on law enforcement that protects these rights.

  • Copyright Laws Being More Stricter

    I personally think that Stripped of all the mystery and mystique, the Internet is an electronic delivery mechanism for messages and information. In that sense, it is not fundamentally different from other electronic communications networks such as radio, television and telecommunications. These other networks are regulated and so should the Internet. Of course broadcasting and telecommunications are the subject of very different regulatory regimes and similarly the Internet will need its own distinctive system of regulation.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that a whole lot of people put stuff on the web that are under a copyright and that need to be protected. I think that it is unfair to work and make a song or movie then have it put on the web for people to see.

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