• Yes, make it illegal

    I believe that corporal punishment should be illegal. Reason being, anyone, innocent or not, can receive this form of treatment and it just isn't fair. Everyone has a right to a fair trial, and allowing corporal punishment to go on is dishonoring our constitution that our founding fathers wrote out for us.

  • It should be legal

    ...Because for example if your child does something disrespectful, and you spank him/her it's sends them a message that what they did was wrong, and they should never do it again, this is a way to discipline your child, there may verbal ways to discipline your child but physical sends the message faster.

  • It's simply cruel and unusual

    So first of all, if we are unwilling to hit/beat soldiers, animals, or even prisoners, why are we willing to hit vulnerable children, just because they are a bit rowdy? It makes no sense that we want to introduce physical violence as a form of discipline towards a group of people who are unable to defend themselves. It's disgusting.

    Second of all, it can be seen as a form of cruel and unusual punishment. If you smack a child in the face, kick them, punch them, or do any form of hitting/beating, then you would be thrown in jail for child abuse. Yet, people think that hitting a child in the butt is a form of effective discipline? That sounds somewhat disturbing, and it does hurt the child. Do you know who else likes touching a child's butt? Pedophiles do.

    Thirdly, it can damage a child psychologically to get hit in any fashion. When you impose physical violence as a form of discipline, the child begins to see their parents as people who are there to punish them, rather than someone to help them. I can say from personal experience that such acts create issues with the child where they don't quite trust their parents. Children should be able to trust their parents, and know that they will be unconditionally loved by their parents. Discipline like this takes away a child's ability to trust their parents, or to know that their parents will always love them.

  • I wouldn't hit my dog.

    So why would I hit my child? When children grow up in a loving, nurturing environment, they learn to be loving and nurturing. When children grow up in an abusing and repressive environment, then that's what they'll learn. Often, these qualities come out in subtle ways. Ultimately, we have to decide as a society whether we want to teach the next generation to respond to anger with loving kindness or with violence.

  • Yes, it should be illegal.

    Beating a child is NOT going to teach them a lesson, if anything it is going to make them rebel. When I was a child I was whipped, and it pissed me off. Every time I would get whipped I would go out and do something bad, to prove that I was better than my parents.

  • Yes, corporal punishment should illegal.

    There are a lot of kids that get hit and have marks all over them. The more you hit them then the child might just keep on acting bad. The child might just go to school one day and teachers might see what you do to them and he/she might get taken away from you.

  • It should be illegal.Parents use this punishment as a form of power over their children.

    The main issue that I can see is that parents do this when their children disrespects them. A young child 5-6 doesn't know any better and certainly won't want to if he/she gets spanked. A 11-12 knows what they are doing and instead of corporal, take away their stuff until they know that what they did was wrong, or sit down and try to talk out why the child did behaved inappropriately in the first place.From what I've seen and heard parents expect respect from their children,but the first thing parents need to is that respect is a two way street.

  • End corporal punishment now

    Prisoners cannot be beaten under the law. The 8th Amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. If it is illegal to beat prisoners and soldiers for crimes, then why should it be legal to beat vulnerable children. Most violent offenders are beaten as children. Also, people who batter their spouses and children were beaten also, continuing the cycle of violence. Corporal punishment with paddles in schools has sent children to hospitals and gave them injury that would constitute child abuse in other states. Corporal punishment does not encourage true respect or reverence of authority. It encourages fear, hatred, and violence. People who are hit as children sometimes grow up to beat their parents! Do you people who support CP call that respect? That is far from it; it looks more like a continuation of violence. Also, just because it was done in ancient cultures doesn't mean it was good. The Bible mandated slavery, the Ancient Greeks used it, especially Sparta. That means slavery is good then?

  • It should be illegal.

    In my opinion Corporal Punishment SHOULD be illegal. Hitting a child is cruel. No matter what they did.How could you stoop down so low and hit a child? You could seriously injure a child. Depends on where you hit s/he and how hard you hit them. If you are striking your child you will get NO respect from them in the future. They will lose all respect for you because of the way you treated them growing up. You cannot hit a defenseless child and expect to be respected by them. 10 chances to 1, you probably won't be.

    It should be illegal; It gives adults power over young children. When you are hitting a child, you are hitting them with fear. Then you will have no communication with them because they would be scared of you. If you want a good relationship with your son/daughter, communicate with them. Not beat them.

  • Barbaric, Unfair, and Lazy

    Corporal punishment has been proven to not work in the long run and correlates with psychological issues later in life. Parents should have alternative disciplinary methods, rather than hitting someone smaller than them who can't defend themselves. Parents need to be an umbrella of love and motivation for their child, not someone who brings fear, tears, and pain.

  • I am a child myself here, i'm 12, and my mom hits me!

    I am a child, and my mom has a short fuse, so some times she hits me for no reason, she is always screaming REALLY loud! More than half of the time when she hits me, it's not on the butt. She hit me in the stomach, on the arms, she has left many bruises. And i hop that nobody EVER has to go through this.

  • No it should'nt

    If people want to make bad decisions, that is their choice. They can turn out bad or they can do something good in life. Lastly, it will help more students turn out as a responsible adults. Getting a good spank knock some sense into this kid. He will ditch his bad ways and be a good student. This leads to less bullies!

  • This is child abouse

    They will just keep doing it over and over agen and agen so it douse not make sence to do it so that is why i say its rong p.S they need privitsy no one likes it when people look at then in the rong way. So thats why i chouse this.

  • Of course it should be legal

    This is what is wrong with this generation of kids. They are not disciplined enough and so they run around doing whatever they want. Telling a child to stop doing something does not stop them, you have to step up and draw the line. You have to whip them and stop this nonsense

  • It's supported by ancient human cultures.

    Parents have been using the belt or switch on their kids since the bronze age. In Greece, Egypt, and even in the Bible, there is evidence of spanking and discipline.
    If parents used the lash and the rod in ancient times, then we have a right to use the belt on our kids.

  • It should be legal

    It gives adults the power over young people. It encourages respect from young people to the adults as it should be! Nowadays respect from the youth is clearly absent. The adults have totally turned to nobodies. Corporal punishment should be legal to enforce the discipline. That's all there is to it.

  • I believe corporal punishment should be legal.

    Corporal Punishment does not mean abuse. There is two totally different settings. Abuse is where you beat a child or adult without regard to the welfare of the individual. You beat a person to bloody pulp or mean to do them significant damage. Hit them with a closed fist or hit them with a baseball bat. True Corporal punishment is you may spank or swat an individual really is to get their undivided attention. So the person or child will know there are consequences for their actions. For instance you say you are against corporal punishment then someone comes in your home beats your wife,husband or child to a bloody pulp. What are you gonna do just sit around doing nothing. I believe you will want the police to do something about it. Put them in jail. In a little 6x8 cell so they can think about what they have done for 20 years spending your tax dollars eating and drinking watching tv getting everything they need supplied to them including medical insurance that is better than any of our normal hardworking people have. They say that corporal punishment is what got them there in the first place. I cant believe that. Most people that I know where I live has had some form of corporal punishment. They are hard working farmers that if they didn't get a spanking or other forms like not feeding their animals waking late for school having to walk 4 miles because you missed the bus. Yes I was an abused CHILD I got beat till my back and legs were bleeding. I was abused in many other forms. Do I still spank my Children YES I do. I spank them because I love them. It does help them to remember not to do it again. You people that don't spank I sure hope your children don't treat you the way you have treated them. I guess you must like children running your life instead of you running theirs.

  • Corporal Punishment Should definitely be legal.

    I am a student that believes that corporal punishment should be legal. Nowadays students are just awarded and just given a pat on the back to do it again. Students need to be spanked to get a wake up call to reality. Students will now be physically in pain on their rear end to ensure that a lesson has been learned.

  • This is mutany!

    The students are the nexr generation. Its not right to teach them that violence is OK. If we are so bent on keeping them in line, well why are we knocking them OUT of line. When you pick up a paddle children think of fear ore than what they've done wrong. So try talking to them next time.

  • Say no discarding time-honored parenting techniques

    The way children have been brought up has worked for the past several thousand years. How is it that only in the last few decades we've gotten so soft? There are times where simply telling a child "no" is not effective. There are times when grounding and taking things away are no longer effective.

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