Should corporal punishment by parents be illegal?

Asked by: Fanny
  • The Bible says we're all equal in the eyes of God.

    In all honesty God is saying let everyone raise themselves the way that they see fit. No one has the right to tell anyone what to do. The Bible may imply it is the parents responsibility to raise the child but in reality it says it is up to the child to raise themselves.

  • You learn how to fight back.

    I went to a school that used this form of punishment. It filled me with hate and taught me to retaliate. To this day I have very little respect for authority figures due to corporal punishment. It does nothing but breed the next generation of psychopaths. It loses its sting and you quickly lean how to stand your ground.

  • Parental authority is not a right.

    Parental authority is there only for the sake of the child, it is not to be regarded as a right of parents, but as a tool for fulfilling their duty toward the child. Authority is oppressive, and must be used only when necessary. Corporal punishment is proven to be harmful and unnecessary, so it cannot be justified in any situation. Childs have rights, parents have duties. The autonomy of the child can only be overridden for its own good, not for the ideology of parents.

  • Yes, at least for more severe forms, such as caning, or flogging.

    But in terms of a simple spanking, not at all. Physical punishment should not be the primary response. But, reasoning, groundings, and other measures are not always enough, and children don't always care to listen.

    There's no reason for it to be overly harsh, and it must always be accompanied by explanation to be effective. But it can be effective, and is sometimes more effective than other solutions.

  • Corporal punishment is not abuse

    There is a huge difference between corporal punishment and abuse. Should behaviour justify punishment (such as clear disobedience), corporal punishment is clear, quick and over and if done with lover and authority provides guidance on behaviour. Others should not be allowed to punish my child, but I should be allowed to. In love, no abuse. Theres a difference.

  • Teach their kids

    The reason kids are acting up is because they do not know which boundaries not to cross and parents must show them who to respect. Kids have been very Protestant because they BELIEVE they can do whatever they want and no one will be able to stop them. They need more strict rules to keep kids in control

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