• It is free speech.

    Corporations are people too, or at least the Supreme Court of the United States thinks so. If the corporation wants to use their profits to help a political candidate, that is no different than the people who own the company using their money to donate to the political candidate. They should be allowed to have their say if they want to.

  • Yes, corporate lobbyists should be allowed to donate to politicians.

    Even though a lot of people may not like the supposed shady dealings that go on with corporate lobbyists and politicians, they should be allowed to donate to their campaign funds for the basic reason that they're also citizens. They have just as much right any other American to donate money to fund the politician of their choice.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that they do need to be allowed to donate campaign funds if they want to to politicians. This is a good way to make sure that a well liked candidate gets put in office, since the people will most likely like them if the buseness does to.

  • Keeps decision making out of the hands of the individual voters

    Regardless of who the people put into office, lobbyist will dictate policy making of our representatives. These self interested corporations will not and do not have to answer to the voters, they only have to answer to their stock holders. This keeps the power out of the hands of the voters. It's time we take back our power!

  • Lobbyists Should Go

    One of the reasons I voted for Barack Obama was due to the fact that he said he was going to get lobbyists out of Washington. He hasn't done one thing to do so however. I believe allowing lobbyists distracts the politicians that are suppose to be working for the people of the United States, not the corporations. I do not believe this should be allowed.

  • No, there's already too much influence.

    A corporation is not an individual, no matter what the courts rule, and its well paid leaders already have a vote and the opportunity to donate money to their candidates. So what a corporate lobbyist is allowed to donate needs to be restricted because the large corporations already have enough influence.

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