Should corporate sponsors be involved in beauty contests as a way to sell more products?

  • Any publicity is good publicity

    This time old adage is just as true now as it was 70 years ago. Getting involved and marketing to their audience has always been a trait of corporate sponsorship. It is seen constantly in sporting events and physique and bodybuilding shows, so this appears to be a normal evolution of marketing for corpoprations as a whole.

  • Corporate sponsors have every right to be involved in beauty contests

    Should a manufacturer of cosmetics have the right to sponsor pageants and beauty contests so that they can sell more of the products. Well, of course they should. These companies have a right to make a living selling cosmetics or whatever other products that the manufacture. The have a right to make a connection with the audiences of beauty contests.

  • It is a good marketing plan

    Yes, I agree that corporate sponsors should be involved in beauty contest as a way to sell more products. It is a good way to market products, especially beauty products. A business is the business to make money and this is one way of bringing in customers they may not have thought of trying the product.

  • Corporate sponsors should not be involved in beauty contests

    Corporate sponsors should not be involved in beauty contests. They should stay out of it and let the beauty contestants have their performance on stage. I am against all these campaign ads built to sell products at the expense of a beauty contests or many other contests. The beauty contests are beautiful as they are and I do not want to see any more corporations advertising their products.

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