• I would be fine with it.

    I do not believe taxes are part of a healthy economy, as the government can not allocate resources as effectively as the free market. The whole thing with government is that they do not have to be efficient and as such do not allocate resources appropriately which saps jobs from the economy. This would do nothing but counteract that.

  • Corporate tax rates must go up!

    The idea of job creation coming from letting billionaires and millionaires keep even more money in their personal accounts is ridiculous. It's been proven, that trickle down economics does not work, the only way to create jobs is educating, training, and actually helping the unemployed get a leg up to join the workforce, thus by using taxes from some of the wealthiest.

  • No, but lowered

    Corporate taxes should not be eliminated completely because corporations still should have some responsibility to pay taxes for being a corporation. However, they should be lowered from where they are right now. I agree that lowering the taxes would help stimulate job creation, I just don't think there should be zero taxes.

  • No, corporate tax rates should not be eliminated altogether.

    I do not think that corporate taxes should be eliminated to help job creation. I think that corporations shouldn't be allowed to escape paying taxes altogether on the idea that it can save jobs. I think that jobs should be created with the help of the community and not by means of sacrificing taxes for corporations.

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