Should corporations be allowed to not pay a living wage or decent benefits if they are making a profit every quarter?

Asked by: rruthbj
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  • No, If Corporations are Making a Profit, They Should Spread the Wealth

    It has occurred to me that America has become the land of very little opportunity. Unless of course you are wealthy. It is harder and harder to be middle class these days. Corporations are like "Old King Cole" they are very merry souls. They don't have to pay a living wage, good benefits or even be loyal to the employees that work in their employ. They are getting richer and richer on the backs of the people who work for them. Isn't it time for the people to stand up for their rights as human beings to get a living wage? Or do you think that it is ok to have more working poor than working middle class?

  • Share the wealth!

    You want to keep your employees happy and still want to be a part of your company, share the wealth. The CEO's shouldn't get a $500,000 bonus for extra profit. Give your employees a raise and share it. Minimum Wage gets you no where these days and companies always take advantage of it so the CEO can have a pay increase. Capitalism: it only benefits a few.

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