Should corporations be held responsible for human rights abuses?

  • Accountability Is The Only Way To Put An End To The Abuse

    Yes, corporations should be held responsible for human rights abuses. A corporation should be responsible for any human rights abuses that occur in its immediate operations, and also for any abuses which occur in any businesses they contract with. Accountability is the only way we will put an end to human rights abuse. Corporations should require proof from all suppliers that human rights are respected and they should also schedule random inspections to verify there are no abusive conditions.

  • Fair Treatment for all

    I believe that it behooves all companies that deal with countries around the world to uphold basic human rights - and should be sure that the quality and standards of human decency be upheld. Different countries do have different believes and practices, and while that should be taken into account- so should the idea that the people that work for your company, be allowed human dignity.

  • Yes

    Yes. Many corporations are multinational in nature and provide jobs in very poor countries where people are essentially in slave labor jobs. These corporations operate in these countries with little oversight or regulation and can abuse their employee's as the employee has nowhere else to go. As long as slack laws in third world countries exist, people will be abused.

  • Corporations Are Responsible For Their Abuses

    Corporations should have to follow the same regulations as the rest of the world. If they export their labor, and it leads to human rights violations then it is their responsibility to make sure the human rights violations do not continue. Any corporation found violating human rights should be fined, and have to meet a code of ethics on human rights.

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