• Obama likes it that way.

    Corporations should be legally classified as people, because that's what the Supreme Court said. The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are classified as people too, for the purposes of freedom of speech and association. That made Obama so mad he called them on it at a State of the Union address. Corporations are people.

  • Should corporations be legally classified as people?

    Obviously, no! People are not corporations, and corporations are not people. This is one of those "lawyer" ideas... Only a lawyer would claim a person includes a business! Obviously, companies, businesses, corporations should have rights and be able to file suits, etc., but they're not people! DUH! Otherwise, I wish I could fall in love with Microsoft, the largest, most successful company in the world, I'd like to marry it (after all, lawyers have just made gay marriage legal, so why can't I become engaged and married to Microsoft?!), and then Microsoft, can support me with it's billions of dollars in its corporate treasury! If I divorce it, can I get half? Gee, see what I mean?! Only a lawyer would call a business a "person"! Remember, "only lawyers and painters can turn black to white"!!!

  • No, corporations shouldn't be classified as people.

    I do not believe that corporations should be classified as people. I think that while corporations are made up of ordinary people, I think that it just a workplace like any other place. I think that corporations are not a representation of individuals, but more so a representation of a business entitiy.

  • No, corporations are businesses.

    No, Corporations should not be legally classified as people,since corporations consists of a lot of people with different opinions thoughts and ideas. I think this is a terrible idea made up by corporations so they can get all the benefits that people do. A business is a business and should be categorize as so.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe corporations should be legally classified as people. I have yet to hear a good argument supporting reasons why corporations need to be classified as people. Corporations are businesses, they are as far from being a person as is possible. I don't know how corporations would benefit from this, but I'm going to assume they would.

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