• For freedom of speech.

    Corporations should be treated as people, because otherwise their free speech will be undermined. The corporation has to be able to be free to organization, to say what is in its best interest, and to lobby for its own good. If it is treated as an entity, the people who own shares lose out on protecting their interests.

  • Corporations are already at the sames status as individuals

    Corporations should be held to the same moral standard as individuals because they must follow the same laws as individuals and they enjoy the same legal protections and rights as individuals in society. If corporations are already considered individuals in the eye of the law, They must be held to the same standards with no exceptions

  • Modern Day Capitalism

    Consumers are the ones who give corporations their power! In America we have amended our laws to fit the wants and needs of our citizens. If people have a problem with corporations, then they need to become more conscious spenders. Also, how will investors be motivated to invest in corporations and new ideas if they are liable to lose everything they have worked their lives for because of one or two failed investments? If we were to strip power from corporations, then we would need to redefine the entire modern day capitalistic company so that it would still be able to meet the consumers wants and needs.

  • Sure, but be careful what you wish for.

    As long as all of the stockholders of that corporation have to pay for the crimes of that corporation. So if say a mining company is grossly negligent and 20 mines die, then if the corporation is found guilty of manslaughter then everyone who has a share in that company should be held accountable and take their share of the punishment. So, if you have a 2% stake in the company and there is a prison term of 1000 days, you would have to spend 20 days in jail.

    Most people would think this is silly, but we can't treat corporations as people when it is convenient for them, and treat them as entities when it is inconvenient.

  • Lets people get away with things

    From what I have found, Treating corporations like people relieves the CEO and other authorities and personnel of certain legal responsibilities, And so, Therefore, They aren't responsible, The company (Which technically is not a person, But rather a very large group of people) is. So, Therefore, I believe that we should treat them as what they are, Entities. We anthropomorphize companies enough anyway. It's about time we stop.

  • They're out of touch.

    They try to be like us but we can only feel uncomfortable at their attempt. They want to be given business but fake love to get it. They have such a lack of empathy, You really wonder how people can sink so low and become so sickening. They want control and money; lack of morals.

  • Corporations AREN'T people

    Are corporations people? No. They're a collection of people, but not people. Would a rock band be treated as a person? The individual members may be people, but the group representing them, is not. Corporations, not being people, don't have constitutional rights. Furthermore, treating corporations like people allows them to funnel legal bribes to our elected officials. Because of the Supreme Court decision "Citizens United v. FEC, corporations are treated as legal persons, and can therefore funnel bribes in the form of campaign finance donations to our elected officials. Our democracy is at stake from corporate interests because of this

  • Corporations should be treated as entities

    Corporations should be treated as entities. When they are treated as people, then they have exclusive rights to get always with a lot of bad businesses practices. The reason so many corporations are screwing people over like Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy, just to name a few, is because they are treated as individuals. The fact is, they are en entity and should abide by all the laws and regulations and more that individuals abide by.

  • No, corporations should be treated as entities.

    I think that corporations should be treated as entities and not as people. Even though they are of course ran by people and employ a lot of people, the public should not view corporations as something like a local business because they are not. They are a business that are operated by various branches.

  • Corporations should not be treated as people

    A corporation is not a person. It is a company, a business enterprise. Why would you treat a car company for example, as a person? It is a collection of people which run the business for profit. It is degrading to a person if a company is given the same rights as a real person.

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