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  • No, corporations should not help Donald Trump lie about jobs.

    No, corporations should not help Donald Trump lie about jobs. It is understandable that corporations would want to help Trump lie about the jobs he is allegedly saving or creating, since he is an entrenched member of the oligarchy. However, it is important that the people be presented with the facts.

  • I don't think corporations should help Trump lie about jobs

    Donald Trump will have a lot of explaining to do when he isn't successful in bringing jobs back to the U.S. or keeping jobs from leaving. I suppose he will need corporations to vouch for him and say jobs were created and didn't leave the country but this would be in exchange for tax deductions he give corporations to lie for him.

  • No, corporations should not help Trump lie

    No, I do not believe that corporations should help Donald Trump lie about jobs. Neither corporations nor Donald Trump should be lying about anything, and this includes jobs. In order to improve the economy and the United States there needs to be transparency about all issues in order to make the best decisions moving forward.

  • He can build real jobs.

    Donald Trump wants to reduce barriers to the free market. He wants there to be fewer regulations. This will lead to more jobs on its own. Trump doesn't need to be dishonest because he will be able to actually have enough increases in jobs to brag about. People know how the economy is without being told by an expert.

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