• No, corporations should not legally be people.

    No, corporations should not legally be people because that would be unfair to the corporation on income and taxes, and would prevent the extensive growth in which a corporation can reach. Limiting their growth will cause unemployment to raise because of fewer jobs. It would be a negative cascading effect that wouldn't stop. The people one the bottom would be hurt the most because if a corporation loses is people, all that does if flood the market with more educated competition with better qualifications and resumes.

  • It makes sense.

    Yes, corporations should legally be people, because corporations have to be able to act in the name of the corporation and make decisions accordingly. Otherwise, the corporation has no ability to conduct business, because no one is going to want to be the only to be held liable for actions of the corporation.

  • I can't believe this is an issue.

    One of the first things we learned in English class was that a noun is a person, place, or thing and a corporation is not a person, it is a thing occupying many places made up of people. If they are defined as people then would the constant buying and selling of them become illegal as a form of slavery? Also it is not a separate entity capable of thoughts or actions independent from its board of directors. Since these people are already people able to act in the corporations interest then defining a corporation as a person is superfluous.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe corporations should be people in terms of law. I do not believe there is any thing in common between the two entities and I think drawing parallels are dangerous, mainly for the people in the world who have no say. Corporations should have their own set of rules.

  • Corporations are not people

    Corporations are owned by people and ran by people, they are not in and of themselves a person or people. It's an entity. A large business, basically. Would all the businesses then be considered people, because corporations are? No, it doesn't make any sense and actually dehumanizes the word human.

  • Not everyone should be blamed for one person's ignorance

    I understand that a corporation is made up of "people", but there are many different thoughts and opinions among them. If a corporation is legally thought of as the people in it, one person's ignorance (like a CEO) could cause many other innocent people to get sued or brought into some sort of legality (or illegality) that they had nothing to do with. It is not fair for someone else to pay or suffer for another person's idiocy.

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