• Yes corporation should be free to sponsor any event they choose to.

    The fact of censoring any corporation's ability to sponsor an event, Internet or otherwise, of its choosing in itself is a threat to freedom of expression. Just like individuals corporations should be free to sponsor events that all not illegal. The members of the Internet community will pass judgement via social media on the value of the event and its sponsor.

  • Yes, corporations should sponsor events on the Internet even if they threaten freedom of expression.

    A corporation is an entity just like an individual. They are free, like any individual, to sponsor anything that they deem to be worthy. There should not be any boundaries put on their rights to sponsor whatever they choose. By placing boundaries we would be interfering with their right of free speech. A much better protest would simply be to withhold your spending dollars to show your dissatisfaction.

  • Don't let businesses sponsor events that silence.

    Corporations should not sponsor events on the Internet if they threaten freedom of expression. This is because these businesses are giving an even bigger voice to a cause that probably doesn't need a bigger platform. Limiting freedom of expression only hurts people who do not have a voice, and that kind of thing should never have sponsors.

  • Corporations sponsor events on internet if it threatens freedom of expression

    I feel that if you are to sponsor something on the internet you should be open to the idea of freedom of expression because we are a country that we have the right to say what we want "freedom of speech" we shouldnt have to worry about not being supported becuase we have an opinion.

  • They should not

    No, If they are going to threaten the freedom of expression, then they should not try to sponsor these events. I think that corportations need to do all that they can to make sure that people are getting taken care of, so that they will look good and get more buseness.

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