• They should be executed

    In many ways, corrupt central bankers cause mass suffrage on a global scale. Many of their actions would qualify as full blown sociopathic behavior that is in direct opposition to the national interests of their country and citizens. The harm and suffering they cause on a quantitative level could be argued to me many times greater than even mass a serial killer. Thus, the punishment should be comparable (execution French Revolution style).

  • Corrupt banking officials be prosecuted, but only if...

    Corrupt banking officials be prosecuted only if and when they have been found to have broken the law. While being a creepy person is bad, it alone does not warrant criminal prosecution. We are a society of laws, and only when those laws have been broken should anyone be prosecuted.

  • White collar crimes should stop getting a free pass

    Just because someone has money and influence, a criminal is still a criminal. We are a long way from having a fair judicial system and the only way we can restore faith in it is if we can prosecute individuals who break the law and give them a fair trial. Sometimes, when you can pack the room with attorneys, the trial isn't fair on the side of the plaintiff. And there certainly needs to be some restructuring to make this process work. Our system is broken.

  • Corruption is a menace

    Corruption eats away at the fabric of society and it must be reduced. I don' care if it's a bank official or a security guard, anyone who is corrupt should be prosecuted. There must be no ambivalence about this. Corruption is a crime that harms hard working citizens and it must be stopped.

  • Yes they should be punished

    Corruption can only be eradicated by punishing the corrupts. Banking being a financial industry, we need to be more careful about money laundering and corrupt practices. We should not allow these practices to grow and create a problem in the society. Hence corrupt banking officials should be prosecuted as soon as possible

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