• Corruption is a moral issue

    It is quite simple actually. Look at it in a bigger picture. When people corrupt, they are stealing something. First, we should ask why they are doing it. Many people corrupt because they want more. The just simply can't have enough. That is human's nature. We just have this greed. Then, what is the money for? It is used to raise their status. To look like they're rich. Thankyou

  • It is a moral issue.

    Morality and legality are not mutually exclusive, so I don't see the need for a false dichotomy here. But, I would say that corruption is first a moral wrong-doing and, once it's caught, it becomes a legal issue that needs to be addressed. It's the same with any act of crime and the law.

  • It's both, but only when it's a legal issue can it be brought to justice

    Abortion is a moral debate and regardless of your side, it's still legal.

    A lack of morals will not get you sent to jail. Only the crimes committed because of those lack of morals

    Stealing from the people, misuse of tax money, spying are all morally corrupt, but only a legal conviction will end it

  • Corruption damages lives

    Corruption in both the public and private sectors can damage other people's lives and reputations, and although it is most certainly a moral and ethical issue, corruption needs to be cracked down on legally as well, so that businesses and governments are run fairly and stably without the threat of being infiltrated by bad elements.

  • Corruption is a legal issue

    Infidelity is a moral issue but not a legal issue. That is as it should be. Corruption is a different matter. Unlike infidelity, where the transgression shouldn't be the concern of the general public, the public has a grievance when acts of corruption are committed, graft, embezzlement, bribery all due damage to the public good.

  • It's Really Both

    I believe corruption should be both a moral and a legal issue. Corruption affects people in many different ways and these can be classified in both moral issues and legal issues. It is impossible to say that corruption has more to do with one or the other because it undermines both equally.

  • Corruption should be illegal.

    Corruption should be a legal issue. This is because it often leads to breaking laws and harming other people in the path of the wrongdoings. Corrupt people and organizations need to pay for what they did wrong, and the best way to do that is to make their actions illegal.

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