• Why think otherwise!!!

    I understand that cosmetic surgery is needed sometimes. But there are multiple reasons it is bad. It sends the wrong message to kids. The cost is high. There are bad effects.
    The risk is to high, re think the bad things that we say about our body's. You're beautiful without the medical attention.

  • It's too dangerous and most people don't realize it

    In my country, more than 30 people died because of cosmetic surgery in the last five years and more people had even more severe side effects like an inflammation that would not stop producing pus. And even when there are no effect to health, most people doses't get successful on cosmetic surgery. Even the name 'cosmetic' shows that most people are unaware to the danger of it. Thus, I think at least law should ban it.

    People who feel embarrassed about their body, they should be given a decent mental theraphy

  • Should only be reserved for accident victims!

    I had BDD growing up, teased for having a large Roman nose - now let me say, it fit my face - made me look dominant, aggressive and attractive. People told me I look attractive and really good - I'd ignore compliments and internalize rejection or people who said I look ugly. Now I never cared enough to get it fixed; but one year I became obsessed with bodybuilding and self-image - I stupidly followed the advice of others to get PS; this ruined my life. Because if you have BDD and get PS, it causes you anguish, mental torment, etc. You start to lose your mind and think about suicide. And what really hurts is that I know I was attractive in a badass/rockstar kind of way. Not a model, but alpha like Vin Diesel or the Rock. So now I Iost my unique look and my nose looks deformed somewhat. I still go out and no one looks at me weird. But deep down I'm ashamed, destroyed, outcast, etc. This especially hurts because I was really attractive for my race and I could've gotten any woman I wanted in my natural form. But now I sit alone, looking back at the life I ruined.

  • Banned Because Surgery for Cosmetics Takes the Money Away from Life Saving Surgeries

    I think these unneeded surgeries waste money for no good reason. If a person suffered from a deformity but can still live , that may be a good reason for cosmetic surgery. However, people shouldn't need excessive surgeries for cosmetic purposes, in my opinion. 1 . 15 . 2015 .

  • Ban it !

    Cosmic surgeries lead to disorders like BDD or body dysmorphic disorder.
    This is a chronic mental illness where an induvidual is over concerned about thier images and constantly obsesed about thier image.This could lead to excess dieting and surgeries.And some times these surgeries could turn fatal like the lady in japan who injected her face with oil over her obsession over cosmic surgeries!

  • Only for accident, burn victims

    First of all let me say that I think that people who have been disfigured by an accident, or disease should be able to get surgery to restore how they looked before the accident, or disease. I know people that have been in terrible accidents, that cannot afford to look how they use to, then we have people that look perfectly "normal" that are just not happy with their natural looks that spend thousands to millions of dollars fixing something that was not broken, that is vain, shallow, selfish, and frankly disgusting. Use that money to help out people scared from cancer surgery, burn victims, wounded vets, and accident victims to restore their natural looks, not to make yourself look like a cheap imitation of a Barbie doll. It is people that use this miracle of medical science to look "better", when in fact I think that they all look better before the surgery, rather than helping victims of accidents, etc., feeding the needy, donating to charity that has made me lose hope for humanity. I wonder how much better the world would be if every cent that was spent on unnecessary cosmetic surgery, was spent on something useful. We might have cures for diseases, conditions that previously killed millions of people. People say that corporations are greedy, no they at least donate money, even if just for good will with people, while these people just think "oh I do not look perfect, let me waste a ton of money on making me look and feel better because self esteem is all that matters." Get over your self important, I'm a special snowflake mentality already, no you are just a waste of space, air, food, and life.

  • Plastic surgery should be banned

    Plastic surgery hurts peoples feelings and it makes people forget who they really are and can kill people because if the stuff leaks in your body it can kill you. Also people need to ban it because it will make most people ugly instead of making them attractive! Help us ban it now

  • Medical plastic surgery should be allowed but the Use of plastic surgery for mere aesthetic purposes should be banned

    Beauty can be seen as a trait, similar to being athletic or having a talent. It's often genetic although you can always try to get better through practice, healthy eating, etc. If we were allowed to use plastic surgery to fix the flaws we think we have, beauty would be worthless since everyone would have it. Similarly, if in the future we could also develop surgeries to change our muscle structure or vocal chords to make ourselves more athletically capable or better singers, talents would be bought and in this way, the richer people who can afford the surgeries will be better than the others in every way. This would lead way to a whole other problem in our society. I know this is a worst case scenario, but it is a realistic continuation of cosmetic surgery. This is even before taking into consideration the risks and consequeces of undergoing such a surgery

  • Yes! Ban it!

    When people undergo plastic surgery, its because of low self esteem, which is a much deeper problem than just not liking how you look. It's not someone's features that are the problem; If someone gets surgery to fix what they feel is "wrong" with them and boost self esteem, even though after the surgery they may look different, they are still the same person they were before they had the surgery. This means, the person should be getting psychiatric help from a professional, not turning to a surgeon who only cares if your insecurities fill his bank account. Someone who has low self confidence and self esteem will always find something wrong with themselves, surgery or not. Cosmetic surgery is just a way to cover up and mask real problems, and not go deep to the root of someone's reasons for insecurity. Get real help.

  • Death and Infection and Harms! Oh no!

    Cosmetic surgery should be banned because it is an unsafe way that people use to increase their self-esteem. There are many natural and safe ways that people can go to to boost their confidence and not feel the need for cosmetic surgery. Surgery doesn't give you the self-esteem or help you mentally, but self-esteem practices can, and they are safer.

  • It should not, due to some people actually needing it after an accident.

    Some people need surgery so that they can carry on with their lives after an accident. If you get into a car accident or are in a fire and there is permanent damage to your face, in order to be treated somewhat normally, plastic surgery should be an option for these people. However, it should not be an option for insecure women/men.

  • It should not be banned!!!!

    Becuase it helps a lot of people out there in the world. It gives hope to thoses who had been in terrible accident or those who have deformed bodies. If you have no desire to get plastic surgery then don't but let others do what they want to do with their life.

  • I had acne which led to low self-esteem

    During my teens, I had acne vulgaris which left darkish colored deep pits on my cheeks. I felt embarrassed when people asked 'oh, what is that on your face?' or 'how sad, your skin is become disfigured, why dont you do something?'... I hated looking into mirror and meeting people out of fear that they might comment on my skin. I remember the turmoil I went through.

    If I could afford it, I would have gone for plastic surgery right away.

    Now I am in my 40s but the marks are still visible. I would definitely like to go for skin resurfacing cosmetic surgery. How can others decide that I must not have it by asking to ban cosmetic surgery?

  • No it should not banned !!!!

    Only when needed we must use it like in case of fatal accidents or such cases like that what if people really need it?? And it is banned??What if people really have unpresentable scars which they really really need to hide?? So that is why don't use it to look beautiful /handsome use only when really need it

  • Its their right.

    Cosmetic surgery should not be banned, it helps a lot of people. Yes there are risks, but everything in life has risks. Maybe it should be a little more regulated to weed out the humans who would feel bad afterwards. You know the risks going in, no one is forcing people to get it... But to feel a home in their skin, some people need cosmetic surgery.

  • Undergoing plastic surgery for some people is acceptable,we have to rights to comment on it.

    Maybe some people would say that our appearance is given by our parents and we should respect that.However,in 20th century,people have the rights to choose whatever they consider as necessary.We simply
    have no rights to judge other 's values as every individual in this world is not the same.Therefore,we can not force the other people to accept your values .

  • No it shouldnt

    No,it shouldnt be banned .Many people out there might be lacking self esteem and confidence in front of their peers and it's only right for us to allow them to do as they wish with their lives .If u dont want to do it DONT DO IT but let others feel better with themselves

  • Does it effect you if they get plastic surgery? No it doesn't

    Some people can be very self conscious and when they compare themselves to other people it makes them feel even worse and they feel they need to meet society's expectations. Many people are bullied and criticized because of their flaws .So what if they want to change the way they look to make themselves more appealing or the way they want. It doesn't effect you if they get plastic surgery and it's a free country so let them do what they want. It can help people who are scrutinized by things they otherwise could not change, for example if they get Breast cancer and lose a Breast, they'd have to deal with that for the rest of their lives

  • Judging, something everyone has done

    People are just fed up of being judged, of how they look and other things like that, but these days it's mostly physical judging. I have been judge by the way I look, been laughed at, and I'm just 16 years old, imagine the rest of the world being judged. No one wants that, yes there are risks, but people are aware, lets just stop the judging part and maybe everyone will be happy.

  • Judging, something everyone has done

    People are just fed up of being judged, of how they look and other things like that, but these days it's mostly physical judging. I have been judge by the way I look, been laughed at, and I'm just 16 years old, imagine the rest of the world being judged. No one wants that, yes there are risks, but people are aware, lets just stop the judging part and maybe everyone will be happy.

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