• Cosmetics should be banned.

    Cosmetics should be banned. They warp people's perceptions on what girls and women are supposed to look like. If they were banned, people would see each other for what they really are, and that should be a value championed by today's society. Every one is so superficial these days, and that is not acceptable.

  • It's time to accept our own beauty that God given.

    Cosmetics and immodest clothes are Satanic arts and should be banned for the good of all. The worst of all even women in poverty desires to be the most beautiful instantly, the worst instinct and sexual desire is the most dangerous pleasure of men, a hundred times addictive than tobacco and liquor. I now feel doomed in the city I'm living and I want to live in a peaceful island and begin a new life. Because sexual attractiveness of women and girls becoming much worse by time, it's abomination. Banning cosmetics and immodest clothes is impossible but it's possible to revive crucifixion against rapists in order to reduce rape cases but not. How cruel the world is.

  • Hehehe hehe hehe

    Some people are ugly and its selfish to let other people see ugly people. Also people have massive pimples and scars and are very scared for other people to see their ugliness. Yea I don't wanna be there but I have to because I'm in school. He he he he he he ehe

  • Because my eye lids naturally have glitter on them...

    Cosmetics and makeup are a way for people of any gender to express themselves. When I wake up and put on makeup, that is my art for the day. I'm sorry if you feel as though my face is a complete lie because I wear makeup but it is my choice. It is not fair to say that just because one person feels fine without makeup, everyone else should too. Makeup makes me and other people feel confident and it is fun. Cosmetics are a way of self expression and should not be banned, no matter how deceiving they may be, lol.

  • No they shouldn't.

    I don't wear makeup that much but I do like it. I wouldn't want to live in country that has banned cosmetics. If something as harmless as makeup is banned what would be next? I think almost everything would be banned in a country that doesn't allow makeup. So no!

  • Cosmetics should not be banned.

    Cosmetics should not be banned. They are a very vital product for women and some men at some point in their life. Maybe change the way they are made could be helpful to the environment or the animal products that are contained in them but to completely ban them would be a mistake.

  • No, cosmetics should not be banned.

    There are a lot of women out their that need cosmetics. They may not be the best looking women even with their makeup. Without the makeup they can be downright scary. I don't think it is right to make these women feel bad about their appearance by taking away cosmetics.

  • No, that's just silly.

    Why would anyone ban cosmetics? It would be the same as banning fashion and making us all walk around in burlap bag clothing. We all like to look our best and we all in a free society get to decide what it is that would make us look and feel more attractive.

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