Should cosmetics be banned in school for both teachers and students?

Asked by: Creativist
  • No more cake face

    YES. People who wear makeup are the ugly people and they should all be banned from school because theyre ugly!! Looking at their faces with their clumpy spider leg eyelashes and bright red lips and glossed over lips makes me very distracted. People who wear makeup are like the capital people in the hunger games!!!

  • It effect each ohter

    I agree with that Should cosmetics be banned in school for both teachers and students?
    Because it effect each other.
    For example teacher paint cosmetics on her face, the student
    want to paint cosmetics on their face.
    If the student paint on their face,the skin destroy
    So, I agree the cosmetics must be banned

  • Expressing themselves through cosmetics

    I believe that schools should allow both students and teachers to wear cosmetics. I think to the extent that it could even be encouraged. After-all, if a person it going into an interview, appearance is everything. Classes on work appropriate make up sessions might even allow students to show their creativity. Such classes could even be taken by the student body as a whole - health regarding make up and the use of chemicals within cosmetic products might stimulate interesting debates. I think it would be a fun and educational experience for the students to learn about cosmetics, how to apply them properly, and how to gain confidence in their self image regardless if they are wearing make up or not. Also, I don't think this would be a distraction to studies, but something to stimulate scientific discussion. What exactly are these cosmetics made out of? What do they do to the skin? People could then express themselves in a different way.

  • It's their own decision.

    In my opinion, cosmetics doesn't affect students in a bad way in school, instead, it eliminates their confidence in school (not all the students, although most of them). Cosmetics can also be used to cover an injury or anything that students don't want to be seen on them (which links back to self confidence). In conclusion, I think the cosmetics shouldn't be banned and should be left to students' own decision.

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