Should countries abolish two-party political systems?

  • Parties as a whole

    In an ideal direct democracy, there would be no representatives or parties at all. Parties as a whole are destructive to everyone for or against them by contorting the ideas of all of the party members into an us-or-them situation. In a perfect world, everyone would vote for everything. I live in the United States, and the people have virtually no political power here, despite what you might think. However, such a system is unrealistic as the people don't have the time to dedicate to educating themselves on every matter in their country. There have been science fiction stories that address solutions to this problem, but such technology is only a concept, and barely that. Until then, the least we can do is abolish parties.

  • Skews actual opinion

    Many people elected into office are altering their opinion because they feel a political pressure based on their party lines if you remove the party restraints then we may actually see some change as they will be voting as an American rather than required to vote along party lines you know

  • Two-Party Systems Limit the Voice of the People

    A two-party system limits the voice of the people in government. Only when multiple parties are involved with a multitude of ideologies will work get accomplished in Washington. Nations such as the United States should do away with a two-party system that limits who gets seats in Congress. Not everyone is red or blue, Democrat or Republican. The United States political system needs to be more inclusive on a national level.

  • Yes

    Countries should abolish two-party systems because if every citizen is on one accord then there would be more focus upon things that really matter such as healthcare and education instead of competing against the opposing party. This would build a stronger, more organized government that portrays citizenship over authority. Things would become more uniform.

  • Yes, abolishing two-party political systems would generate creativity and more political interest

    I believe that by abolishing two-party political systems, there would be more innovative and creative ideas injected into politics and government by people who are weary of the status quo and the same old choices. Adding new blood and fresh ideas to the political debate can only enhance democracies and help to solve more problems.

  • The change would be devistating

    Although I might not completely agree with a two party political system, that is the way these countries function. To change that would mean a crash of the current political structure and would ultimately hurt the people they are in place to protect. I do not disagree that this does limit the voice of the people, but the voice of the people also has to act and function within the parameters the system has been designed within. Such a drastic change would be devastating to the economy, the government, and the quality of life for the people.

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