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  • It's a matter of person choice

    I myself have seen the research done on circumcision and don't believe that it is medically necessary for one to be performed. However, I also know that it really isn't harmful to have performed. Therefore, I believe that parents should be allowed to choose whether or not they want it performed on their son, as a newborn.

  • Parents should determine circumcision or not for their children

    Circumcision of infant boys is a controversial subject. Most medical professionals view it as a low-risk medical procedure that prevents some potential problems. Others feel that it is unsafe, unnecessary, and barbaric. Governments should not decide for parents whether the procedure is done or not on their children. Let the parents decide.

  • It is religious.

    Most countries believe that people should have a right to practice whatever religion they want to. That means training their children to grow in that religion as well. Circumcision is one of the oldest religious traditions of all time. It goes back to the days of Abraham. People should be allowed to practice it.

  • Countries should not be able to regulate circumcisions

    Circumcision is historically a religious related decision. And any decision when it comes to the well being of a person's small child is one that SHOULD be carefully considered by the parents and ultimately up to them. I would say that the practice is on the decline and in all honesty that is for the best, but if government was to step in then a whole new level of argument comes into play in terms of parent's rights.

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